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Why is in-play betting getting so popular?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: November 15, 2019

After more than a year of legal sports betting in New Jersey, more than half of the bets now made are live, in-play bets. While the whole gambling industry is growing in the USA, this segment has experienced exponential growth, with limited markets available. When the full scope of in-play betting is rolled out in the coming years, and all over America, it may end up as the true king.

In the old manner of betting, if you did not get a bet in before the contest started, you were out of luck (literally and figuratively). But now, with in-play odds, it does not matter whether the game has started; you can still get a bet in on any manner of action during the game.

Because the data on the betting apps are updated constantly, the odds are ever-shifting, and you can sometimes find an advantage. In-play betting also allows you to change your mind. You may place a bet before the event, but then while watching the event, you may realize things are not going your way. You can then put another bet in to make your money back, or get better odds if you think a team can come back from a deficit.

Live betting also gives you the opportunity to bet on shorter outcomes, like a quarter, inning, period, set, over, or a single occurrence.

US sites & Betting Apps With in-play betting

Here are the US best sportsbook apps that have live, in-play betting for at least one sport:

  • 888 Sport
  • bet365 NJ
  • BetAmerica
  • Fox Bet NJ/PA
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings betting app
  • FanDuel sports
  • Golden Nugget
  • Hard Rock
  • Resorts sportsbook
  • William Hill NJ/NV
  • PlayMGM
  • Hard Rock
  • Golden Nugget
  • SugarHouse
  • PointsBet NJ
  • Unibet NJ/PA
Most of online sportsbooks offer some form of live betting currently, although not every one will take action on all of the sports listed above.

Now let's take a look at 11 sports from around the world that you might be able to find an advantage betting live during the contest. We also share with you some strategies on tips on how to do live betting right.

Australian Rules Football

The Australians have revolutionized betting on and during the matches, including wager prices right into the pregame and mid-game broadcast. Learn about strategies and how to bet on Aussie rules.
Types of in-play bets: Money line team to win, spread line team to win, prop bets.
Aussie Rules In-play betting strategy. For instance, if Richmond is leading Geelong by 20 points at halftime, you could place a live wager on the spread, which would most likely be somewhere around or a little above the current score. You can also bet on the next team to kick a goal, score a behind, or other bets.
Recommended in-play betting app: Pointsbet NJ (for bonus code offer use link)


There may be now game that is better to bet in-game than Major League Baseball. The pace of play allows for you to have more time to make your in-play bets, something that can be tough in other sports. You may also want to know which New Jersey baseball teams should you never bet on?
Types of in-play bets: Money line team to win, spread line, number of home runs in the game, prop bets, outcome of every at-bat in a game, total pitches thrown in the half inning, total strikeouts in the half inning, race to X amount of runs.
Baseball In-play betting strategy. For instance, if the Tampa Bay Rays are hosting the Boston Red Sox in American League East action, you can bet on whether or not Tampa Bay will score a run in the fifth inning.
Recommended in-play MLB betting app: Unibet NJ (for bonus code offer use link)

Basketball (NCAA and NBA)

Some sports are easier to bet in-play, but basketball is a game that has limited stoppages, and is so fast-paced that it is sometimes tough to keep up with the action. But the odds can sometimes work in your favor if you are quick enough to jump on a specific bet.
You can also bet on specific players, which can make the contest more interesting for a fan of the losing team. Learn what does money line mean in basketball betting? “Minus” and “Plus”?
Types of in-play bets: Money line to win, point spread to win, race to X points, totals, which player will have more points, multiple prop bets.
Basketball In-play betting strategy. For example, if the Golden State Warriors are playing the Houston Rockets, and the score is tied at halftime, you can bet on the Warriors to win the game with the money line or spread, but also if James Harden will outscore Steph Curry in the third quarter and/or the second half.
Recommended in-play NBA betting app: Pointsbet NJ (for bonus code offer use link)


Fight sports can be lucrative to bet in-play. Sometimes, a boxer will dominate the the first half of a bout, but you can tell he is starting to tire. Or maybe you thought one fighter would have the advantage before the fight started, but it is painfully obvious that is not the case. In-play betting allows you to back the other fighter for the next round, or the rest of the bout. We think it could be useful for you to read about 6 Insider Tips For Betting Over/Under in Boxing.
Types of in-play bets: Which boxer/fighter will win the fight, which boxer/fighter will win the next round, will the fight end in a knockout, what round will the fight be stopped.
Recommended in-play betting app: William Hill (for bonus code offer use link)


Much like baseball, the pace of cricket allows for bets to be made less quickly than some other sports. Because there are so many high-profile games, and also because it is a year-round sport, there are always matches to watch. Read also How and Where to Bet on Big Bash in Cricket. in the U.S.?
Types of in-play bets: Money line to win, second innings runs, player with the highest run score, fall of next wicket.
Cricket In-play betting strategy. For example, you can bet on the Chennai Super Kings to score over 200 runs in the 20 overs, or whether Chris Gayle will score over 50, over 100, or under 50 runs.
Recommended in-play cricket betting app: bet365 NJ (for bonus code offer use link)


This sport comes at you fast, so the in-play action is also going to be very fast-paced. You have to be able to read the match quickly, but there are multiple ways to win money on darts. Do you know where in the U.S. you Bet on Darts and World Matchplay Darts?
Types of in-play bets: Winner of next leg, winning margin, highest checkout, highest average, will there be a nine-darter.
Darts In-play betting strategy. For example, if Adrian Lewis and Raymond van Barneveld are battling in a match, you can bet on Lewis to win the next leg of the contest, or by how much he will win the leg.


Another sport that is very fast-paced, hockey is a game of runs and momentum. In-play bettors can capitalize on the action if they can read what is happening at any point during the contest. The NHL is one of the most bet in-play sports in the USA. What about reading about Three Way Moneyline in hockey betting and learning how it works?
Types of in-play bets: Money line to win, puck line to win, totals, which team will score the next goal.
Hockey In-play betting strategy. For example, if the Colorado Avalanche are hosting the Winnipeg Jets, you can bet on how many goals will be scored during the second period, or that the Avalanche will score the next goal that period.
Recommended in-play hockey betting app: BetAmerica NJ (for bonus code offer use link)

Football (NCAA and NFL)

There is no sport more ingrained in the betting fabric of America than football, whether it is at the college or pro level. Because so much money is wagered pregame, there are more bettors that will want to either double-down on their winnings, or try to claw back some of their previous bets that are not going their way. The pace of play for some games is quicker than others, so the odds change quickly. Do you know which team the public is betting on NCAA college football?
Types of in-play bets: Spreads for quarters, halves, or games, money lines for halves and games, total points for quarters, halves, and games, how long a drive will last, predict what the next play will be: (run, pass, turnover), will the offense get a first down.
Football In-play betting strategy. For example, if the New England Patriots are playing the Denver Broncos, you can wager on whether or not the Patriots will score over 14 points in the current quarter, or if Tom Brady will complete the next pass or not.
Recommended in-play football betting app: bet365 NJ (for bonus code offer use link)

Motor Sports 

Formula 1, Indy Car, and NASCAR racing has become hugely popular with bettors over the last few years, and will continue to grow. Because some of the races are longer than others, there may be more opportunity to place in-play bets. Learn How many drivers should be wagered on to win any given Nascar race?
Types of in-play bets: Odds to win the race, matchup betting: the objective is to select one driver to finish ahead of another driver, which constructor will win the race, will a drive finish the race or not.
Motor Sports (NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula 1) In-play betting strategy. For example, you can bet on whether Lewis Hamilton will finish in the top three of the current Formula 1 race, or if Kevin Harvick can win his NASCAR race.

Soccer (and MLS)

The king of in-play betting around the world. There is no offseason for soccer, because of the seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Also, most of the big international team tournaments happen in the summer, after the European club seasons have ended. Because of the ebbs and flows of the games, there are many opportunities to bet in-play. You may want to know How to bet on Own Goals in soccer?
Types of in-play bets: Money line to win, goal line to win, correct score, total goals odd or even, number of team goals, winning margin, team to score the next goal, player to score the next goal, time of next goal.
Soccer In-play betting strategy. For example, if Manchester United and Benfica are tied 2-2 in the 70th minute, you can bet live odds on the team to win, or take the draw if you do not think either team will score another goal.


Another of the top in-play sports, tennis has so much action, and each match can easily be broken up into games and sets. Because each game is akin to a mini-contest, there are so many options to bet live. And what about Betting on table tennis at 2020 Olympics?
Types of in-play bets: Match betting, set betting, game betting, point betting, game correct score, set correct score
Tennis In-play betting strategy. For example, you can bet on player A to win the next point against player B in set two, or to win the next game or the set.
Recommended in-play tennis betting app: bet365 NJ (for bonus code offer use link)

US States With Legal In-play Betting Sportsbooks