How to Bet on Aussie Rules: US Sites & Strategies

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How to Bet on Aussie Rules: US Sites & Strategies

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: May 16, 2019

Like most major Australian sports there can be over 200 betting markets on one AFL game offered by US online sportsbooks (and mobile bet apps), many of these betting markets are exotics. Try for example William Hill NJ Online Sports Book in New Jersey or Indiana, bet365 or SugarHouse (Betrivers).

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But by far the most popular form of Aussie Rules betting is line betting, or handicap betting, in which the punter can either take a points start or concede a start to the other team.

Straight out betting, placing your money on a team to score the most points, is the simplest way to bet and the most popular.

As the game is played in quarters punters can invest on results and scores of each of the four quarters. They can also bet on score totals for each quarter being either over or under the bookmakers prediction.

Punters also like to back individual players to kicks the most goals and gather the most possessions (balls) in a game.

You can also place bets “live” during the game with the odds changing with every goal kicked.

A drawn game is when the scores are tied pays 50-1.

How to bet on Aussie Rules? 

OVERS AND UNDER GAME TOTALS: Sportsbooks will set a game points total and punters can then  bet whether they think the fulltime score will either be over their prediction or below it.  While sports vary there is no extra time on AFL (apart from finals), so bets are paid out on the total scored of the two sides added together,

SPREAD BETTING: is Australian terminology for ‘line' betting. Some operators use one or the other, but it is the same thing, exactly the same as what a ‘line' is on USA sports. It is a handicap system where the favourite team is ‘minus' and the outsider is ‘plus'

PICK THE WINNING MARGIN: Again is exactly what it says, a winning margin by either side, in increments or blocks of margins. There are several derivatives of this bet type with different winning margins numbers, but the concept is the same. A team wins by a score that falls in that particular margin bracket, (example 1-10, 11-19, 20-29, 30-40 etc) with varying odds depending on how closely the two teams match up on form. If the final score doesn’t fall into the block then the bet loses. There is normally an option in there for a draw, and if the match ends in a draw then other options in this bet type are losers

BETTING ON AUSSIE RULES FIRST SCORER: This is one of the most popular bet type. It can be the player who kicks the first goal for the match or the first goal scorer for each team. Again it is self-explanatory, a price is given for all players as it is possible (although unlikely) that a defender (backline) player could kick the first goal

AUSSIE RULES MONEY LINE  for the first half is exactly the same as the money line for the entire match, but is a bet on the score at half time, so a match within a match if you like. Lines (or spreads) can also be done, and can be done again on the second quarter, or in each individual quarter. Totals betting (under/over) is also used on all quarters of the game.

PICKING highest scoring quarter (or highest scoring half) if self-explanatory, the total score of both sides in the selected designated time frame (a quarter, a half) in comparison to other quarters (or halves)

A drawn game pays 50-1.

A Brief Look at the Aussie Rules Teams

RICHMOND: Known as the Tigers the club broke a long title drought two years ago and have a similar list of players this year. They may however have lost not one but two of their big guns and their season looks in real trouble now.

WEST COAST: Known as the Eagles they are the defending AFL champions who play out of Perth in Western Australia. They have a very well-balanced playing roster and will cause most teams a lot of match-up headaches.

COLLINGWOOD: Known as the Magpies. A very successful club but also the most hated in the AFL because their fans are fiercely loyal and at times can get carried away.

ADELAIDE: Known as the Crows and possibly one of the dark horses. Disappointed fans last year but their playing roster is too good for them not to come back hard in 2019.

BRISBANE: Known as the Lions. They won’t win the flag (although they have had an incredible start to the season)  but they are a team to watch who could upset some more fancied rivals. Good coach and a number of hot young prospects emerging as future stars.

MELBOURNE: Known as the Demons. They have some good key position players including the possibly the best mid-field in the competition. The question is, can they kick enough goals to win it?

Where to bet on Aussie Rules in the USA? Best Sites/Apps.

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There are lots of betting options. Many NJ online sportsbooks and apps (also Indiana bet apps) are offering monelines and odds on Aussie Rules. Get, for example, a welcome bonus at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Welcome to Australian Rules – a unique game played only Down Under which mixes the kicking, running and passing skills of both soccer and rugby with high jumping, tackling and  incredible endurance.

It is sometimes colloquially referred to as aerial ping-pong because much of the play is done in the air with spectacular leaps to catch the football which is called  a“mark”.

Like American Football (NFL), which is only played in the United State, Aussie Rules is indigenous to Australia which is why it is so unique, although hybrid versions of the  game are played in pockets around the world, including America. Before talking about Aussie rules betting let's learn some history.


The first recorded game of Aussie Rules (the sport’s governing or controlling body is the Australian Football League or AFL) was played in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1858 when the Melbourne Football Club was formed although games were reportedly played as early as 1844..

Tom Willis — a brilliant cricketer who attended school in England where he was also the school’s rugby captain– is the man most credited with being the founder of the game Australian Rules.

On his return from the UK, Willis, along with friends including his cousin A.C.H.  Thompson, he established the Melbourne Football Club, believing the game would be a great way for cricket players like himself, to keep fit during the off-season.

In 1896 the game’s popularity had grown so much in Melbourne that the Victorian Football League (VFL) competition was formed, welcoming foundations clubs Collingwood, St Kilda, South Melbourne, Fitzroy, Carlton, Essendon Melbourne, Geelong.

AFL is widely regarded as a religion in Victoria, but in time it expanded to include teams based in most mainland states..

As the season kicks off in 2019 there are now 18 teams in the national AFL competition from the country’s west coast in Perth (Fremantle Dockers and West Coast Eagles) to the east coast in Brisbane (Brisbane Lions/Fitzroy and Gold Coast Suns).

Each Aussie Rules team has 18 players who cover several key position from Full Forward (an athletic tall player who kicks most of the goals) to Fullback (equally tall agile defenders whose job is to use spoiling tactics to prevent the Full Forward from getting the ball and kicking  goals).

Contests are played on a circular ground but unlike most other football sports, NFL, Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby, the grounds vary in size because not all ovals are built to the same specifications.

Grounds can vary in size from 135 to 185 metres in length and from 110 to 155 metes in width.

At each end of the ground there are four posts, two centre and two posts slightly behind them on the outside.

The ball used is called a Sherrin — named after its founder, Thomas Sherrin, and specifically designed for the game and made out of Australian cow hide or kangaroo hide.

The Sherrin is unique that is it smaller and narrower than a rugby league ot rugby ball and can travel further much like an NFL ball.  In recent times a player from the Collingwood club, Anthony Rocca, booted the Sherrin 90 metres to score a goal.

The game is officiated by 9 umpires who all have different responsibilities. There are two goal umpires, easily detected by their long white coats and hats who stand at each end who judge if the kick has been successful or not.

There are boundaries umpires who patrol the perimeter of the field and three field umpires who can award penalties for foul play which happens on the battle field.

Foul play can be penalised  in several ways from free kicks to an attacking team advancing 50 metres up the field.

AFL requires players to have 360 degree vision because opponents can attack them from any part of the ground not just in front of them like other sports.

The game is started by bouncing the ball in the centre square bounce contest by players called Ruckmen, usually the talent players on the ground.

When the ball is locked up between players and is considered  dead the umpires will throw it high in the air (called ball up) for the players to fight for possession much like a tip-off in basketball.

Players move up and down the field by kicking it to each other or by hand-balling it to a teammate — an action in which the player closes his fist and punches the base of the ball onto another player.

When a player takes a “mark” which can often produce some amazing leaps high above his rivals and teammates to catch the ball he is allowed to kick the ball, unchallenged, to another teammate who, if he is in a good position, can try and kick a goal.

Players can use their bodies to bang other players in legal challenges for the football which often produces some incredible erial manoeuvres with players climbing above teammates and rivals to get a magic mark.

If they kick the ball through the middle two posts it is called a goal and is worth six points.

If the ball misses goes through the two outer posts if is called a behind and is worth one point.

So, for example, if one team kicks (10-6) they score 66 points (10 goals 60 plus 6 one point behinds) while their opposition kick 8-12, they score 60 points (8 goals is 48 points and 12 behinds) for 60 points, then they win by six points.

Endurance is essential to play top level AFL

An on-ball player who Is constantly chasing the football around the field trying to gain possession, can often run between and 10 and 15 kilometres a game!

What is Scoring in Aussie Rules?

If the ball is kicked through the middle two posts it is called a goal and is worth six points. If the ball misses but goes through the two outer posts, it is called a behind and is worth one consolation one point.

For example, if one team kicks (10-6) they score 66 points (10 goals 60 plus 6 one point behinds).

If their opposition kick 8-12, they score 60 points (8 goals is 48 points and 12 behinds) for 60 points, they lose by six points.