2020 Olympics Betting Sites and Apps for US Players

Where to bet on 2020 Olympics in the USA?

If you live in the states where online sports betting is legal (NJ, DE, PA, NV etc.) you are lucky. Place 2020 Olympics bets at BetAmerica online or by using your PAbets app. If you live in the state or a city where it is only legal to place bets at the land-based casinos, go for it. For examle, you can do it at Turning Stone Casino in NYC or in one of the Penn National casinos. They will offer odds on 2020 Olympics which will be held in Tokyo. 

10 Best Olympics Betting Sites and Apps in the USA

  1. BetAmerica
  2. Fanduel Sportsbook PA/NJ
  3. Bet Rivers PA
  4. 888Sport NJ
  5. Draftkings Sportsbook
  6. William Hill NV / NJ
  7. PointsBet NJ
  8. BetStars NJ
  9. Fox Bet PA
  10. Betfair NJ

2020 Olympics: Preview of Events

The 2020 Olympics is just around the corner and many people from all over the world are starting to preview the events so they can prepare to place sports wagers online. The leading sports betting sites are covering the 2020 Olympics, so if you are interested in betting, you will want to learn about some of the events and the main sports that will be played. In 2020, the event will be hosted by Tokyo and this international multi-sport event will start on July 24, 2020. It will run through August, presenting you with ample ways to enjoy a plethora of sports and betting options.

With the upcoming Olympics, you will want to be aware of the introduction of some new sports that were not formally Olympic events. Under some new IOC policies, certain sports have been allowed to be added, so you will see some unique events being played. Get ready to learn all about the 2020 Olympic sports and various events and start prepping your betting strategies now.

IOC Approves Five New Sports

Every four years, new sports and events are added to the winter and summer Olympic Games and in some cases, sports are retracted as well. With the 2020 Games coming up, you will be happy to learn that five new sports have received approval and will be featured at the Games. These include baseball/softball, sport climbing, surfing, karate, and skateboarding. It may be surprising that karate is finally making its debut as many other martial arts have been part of the Games for a number of years. 

Karate is probably the most fascinating of the sports being added and it is a martial art that includes various moves. Athletes have to be highly trained and disciplined. There will be two disciplines of karate featured in the coming Games. Kumite is a sparring event and will have different weight classes for men and women and Kata is another discipline that is being added. 

By adding five new sports, there will be an additional 18 events and 474 athletes taking part in the Olympics in 2020. The addition of these new sports was approved by the IOC and the Olympic Organizing Committee had the opportunity to contribute to the design of the 2020 program. With new sports being added, more athletes around the world will be inspired. The goal was to get the younger generation excited about the Games and to offer more opportunities to athletes from around the globe.

Mixed Team Archery Added

While Archery has been an Olympic event since 1972, it only offers men’s and women’s individual teams. With the 2020 Olympics, there will be a mixed team event being added. With mixed team play, entrants will compete in a match play format consisting of one man and one woman while will go head-to-head. The event was first tested at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and it was contested at the World Archery Championship since 2011. If you are planning to wager on this new event, be sure to keep your eyes on the US teams that consist of Mackenzie Brown and Brady Ellison.

Baseball and Softball Return to the Games

After being absent for two Olympic games, baseball and softball will make their reappearance in the Olympics in 2020. For those in the US, this is great news as both sports have a huge following. Fans are expected to pack the stadiums when Japan is playing any team, but the US teams will be the ones to beat. The Olympic baseball team has won the recent World Baseball Clinic and the women’s softball team will be aiming to defeat their world championship title. Between 1992 and 2008, baseball was contested at the Games and the US team took medals at three of five appearances. As for women’s softball, the team won three gold medals and a silver in four Olympic games spanning from 1996 to 2008.

New Basketball Variant Expected

If you are a fan of basketball, you will surely want to learn all about the new event that is being added to the Olympics schedule for 2020. You will find a 3-on-3 variant being player and this will include teams of four athletes. It is a half court game that uses a single basket. Any shots made within the arc will be worth one point and shots from outside are worth two. The first team to obtain a score of 21 will be the winner. In neither team is able to score the required number of points the winner will be the team that has the lead at the end of the 10 minute regulation time. This event was first played in 2010 at the Youth Olympic Games and quickly became an attractive sport for spectators. The US Women’s team took the gold medal in 2014 at the Youth Games and two of the players from that same team will be on the national team in 2020.

Skateboarding Makes its Debut

2020 will be the first year that skateboarding will be an Olympic event, so you can expect is to draw much attention. It is not a sport that is often bet on, but with many of the top-rated bookmakers covering all events at the Games, you will find the ability to wager on this unique Olympic sport. Men and women will both compete in street and park competitions. The park course will be the same that is used for the BMX competition and the street course will include rails and ramps to use. All competitors will receive three timed runs and will be looking to post their very best scores. Watch for the US team to be a strong contender as the team took the gold medals in all four of the X Games.

Sport Climbing Now an Olympic Event

Another new sport that may be interesting to watch is sport climbing. This will be a competition that involves three different events that include bouldering, speed climbing, and lead climbing. Speed climbing will be an exciting event to watch as contestants try to race to the top of a 15-meter wall. The bouldering event will put athletes to the ultimate test of technical ability as they have to negotiate a short course within a fixed time limit. With the lead climbing event, all entrants will try to climb the highest on a 15-meter wall within a 6 minute time period. With the need for skill, speed, and agility, sport climbing may become a new favorite Olympic event for those who bet on sports as well as the millions of spectators that will be drawn to the 2020 Games.

Cycling/BMX Park Events

BMX racing was first introduced in Beijing during the 2008 Games and has been a top event since that time. However, BMX park will make its debut with the coming Olympics in Tokyo. The BMX park event will use a course that is designed for cycling as well as skateboarding and will resemble an empty pool. All riders will receive three runs to create their best routine for the Olympic judges. One thing to watch for here is Madison cycling, which finally returns after t was dropped after the 2008 Games. With Madison, pairs of BMX riders will race against each other over a certain distance with racers switching between racing and resting.

Other Great New Events and Sports to Watch For

The sports that have been mentioned will surely grab the attention of many who watch and wager on the Olympic Games. While these sports may be more thrilling than some others, you will find a few other great new sports being added to the program in 2020. These will include the following:

  • Boxing
  • Canoe/Kayak
  • Fencing
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Rowing
  • Shooting
  • Surfing
  • Table Tennis Mixed Doubles
  • Triathlon
  • Track and Field 4×400 Mixed

All of these sports may not be entirely new but may be returning to the Games after an absence. Regardless, you will find some new and exciting events being played and hosted, providing you with even more ways to wager and more teams to cheer on as they strive to obtain Olympic medals in the 2020 Games.

2020 Olympics Betting: Markets and Betting Limits

As the 2020 Olympics draw near, you will find that many of the leading online bookmakers will be offering betting options on many sports that will be played. While the markets will not be as expansive as the major sports you would find with traditional betting, you will find excellent coverage of betting markets and types. Let’s take a look at the types of bets you will find when you engage in Olympic betting at any of the trusted US sportsbooks that are operating online.

  • Proposition Bets – Prop bets are those that are made regarding an occurrence or a non-occurrence during any event that is being played. These occurrences will not have any direct impact on the final outcome of the game. Olympic prop bets are a great opportunity to place wagers and generate payouts.
  • Straight Betting – This is the most popular form of wagering and with a straight moneyline, you will pick the winner of a game or an event and you will be paid according to the current odds. There is no handicapping involved with moneyline betting. An example of an Olympic moneyline bet would be Brazil -135 vs. Portugal +140. The favorite will be designated by the -, which will indicate how much you can win when you place a $100 bet.
  • Totals Betting – This is one of the big three wager types you will find when betting on the Games in 2020. Totals are not concerned with the winner or the loser of an event or game but will be specific numbers assigned that repress the final amount of points that are scored by both competitors. The sportsbook will choose a number and you will wager on whether the final score total will be higher or lower than that amount.
  • Spread Betting – This form of betting is not as popular with Olympic games though you will find many options being presented by leading sportsbooks. Spreads will often be used with team sports and are a way to handicap the favorite so that more betting will be done on the underdog. 

2020 Olympic Sports and Events Overview

With the addition of the five new sports that have been approved by the IOC, you will not see a total of 33 sports being played in the upcoming Games. With 324 individual events, there will be ample opportunities to place wagers and to engage in in-play betting. There are 206 participating nations that compete in the sports listed on the program. Take a look at the complete list of sports that will be played at the 2020 Games here.

When you are planning to ager on any Olympic event, you will want to find a site that offers great odds, early betting, in-play options, and special bonuses that can be redeemed for Olympic bets. With legal sports betting now available in the US, you will find a number of sites that focus on this huge event and provide great opportunities to collect payouts on wagers. Even if you are not ready to bet, you can enjoy the live streaming options, where you can watch the events as they take place so you are always up to date on results of your preferred sport.

The 2020 Olympic Games will start on July 24 and will close on August 9. During this time, you will enjoy watching more than 11,000 individual athletes compete in their sport. With 33 amazing sports being featured and 50 disciplines, you can expect endless sports action during the Games, making this event one of the most watched around the world.

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