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Can you bet on Pentathlon at the 2021 Olympics? How and When?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 17, 2019

With routine sports like swimming and running mixed with fencing and shooting, betting on the modern pentathlon requires a great deal of research to give you the edge. Make sure you follow events such as the Pentathlon World Cup Final in Korea in May 2020 with many of those expected to challenge in 2021 Tokyo Games taking part.

2021 Olympics Pentathlon Betting

Check what range of bets your betting site is offering and keep an eye out for those athletes that specialise in a particular discipline. There is no any special strategy for pentathlon betting. But our recommendation is – if your chosen athlete is a world class fencer but struggles in the swimming then make sure you find a site that’s offering odds on single events and not just overall winning bets.

What US sportsbooks have odds on pentathlon games?

Check different American sportsbooks in your state to see their odds and bonus offers for new and existing handicappers. Check on betting apps and sites BetamericaPointsbetWill HillUnibet NJ/PAFox Bet and fanduel.

Keep up to date with all the Olympics pentathlon news and results on teamusa and you can catch up with live action on the olympicchannel and NBC.

What is Pentathlon?

One of the more intriguing Olympic events that becomes the focus of attention every four years is the modern pentathlon.

A mixture of modern sport and more historical pastimes it dates back to Ancient Greece in 708BC and formed part of the Ancient Olympic Games. Five events were contested in one day, testing the running, jumping and throwing capabilities of the participants.

Today it is known as the modern pentathlon and encompasses fencing, swimming, equestrianism and a cross country run that incorporates shooting. 

Olympics Pentathlon

It made its bow in its current format at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm with the event held at every Games since; a women’s version was introduced in 2000.

At Rio 2016 the Russian Aleksander Lesun took gold with Chloe Esposito of Australia claiming the top prize in the women’s event. The top US finishers were Nathan Schrimsher (11) and Margaux Isaksen (19).

For those checking on the current form of potential medal winners, the recent world championships in Hungary saw Frenchman Valentin Belaud and Volha Silkina of Belarus triumph, while the US struggled to make any impact in the individual contests. In Tokyo there will be 36 athletes competing in both the men’s and women’s events with a maximum of two per gender from any nation.