TOP 10 NFL Betting Podcasts To Improve Your Wagering

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TOP 10 NFL Betting Podcasts To Improve Your Wagering

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: September 28, 2023

Download or listen live to the U.S. best NFL betting podcasts, because if you’re serious about wagering on sports, then you’ll want to be on the NFL. And if you want to bet on the NFL, these NFL podcasts can help you (beginner and professional) find the plays that will pay off -before you bet on NFL games odds at bet365 or Caesars.

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TOP 10 NFL Betting podcasts

  1. Bang The Book
  2. Even Money
  3. Bet The Board
  4. Gridiron Gamble
  5. Bet The Process
  6. RJ Bell’s Dream Preview
  7. Behind The Bets
  8. Degeneration Bets
  9. Against All Odds
  10. Sports Gambling Podcast

Listen and review America's best NFL betting podcasts 2019 below:

Bang The Book

Host: Adam Burke

Some sports betting shows seek to entertain with over-the-top, uber-confident, fast-taking know-it-alls who want to try and impress you by bragging about how much money they’ve made. That’s not Bang The Book. Host Adam Burke and his expert guests take a very down-to-earth approach to their betting advice. They’re not here to wow you. They’re here to inform you about NFL betting trends.

With their NFL betting podcasts, you’ll get betting tips, free picks, stats, and matchup analysis from all the games each week of the NFL season. They will offer clear and concise reasoning as to why they’ve arrived at those picks. It’s a great educational tool for new bettors. It’s also popular with sharps because they recognize that these guys know their stuff.

Even Money

Hosts: Steve Fezzik, Ross Tucker

With the Even Money podcast, you get the best of both betting worlds. Co-host Ross Tucker is a former NFL linebacker. He’s in tune with the game on the field and in touch with those in the sport, who update him regularly on injuries, news and insight that only an ex-player could understand. If the New York Giants are going into Dallas for a big NFC East game, Tucker can explain what it’s like to face the Cowboys on the road, because he’s been there and done that.

Fezzik, from, is an analytics nerd. He utilizes a mathematical approach to break down games from the point of view of statistics and probabilities. Combining both of these handicapping styles opens up a unique perspective on the game that you won’t get from many shows.

Bet The Board

Hosts: Todd Fuhrman, Payne from

Fuhrman is part of the new sports betting show Lock It In on Fox Sports 1, so you know he has credibility within the sports betting industry. His background is as a financial analyst. Fuhrman entered the realm of sports betting in 2006 as an oddsmaker at Caesars in Las Vegas. He delivers his knowledge in a relatable style. Fuhrman can break down a complicated betting process into simple, easy-to-understand terminology.

Payne, who operates his own sports betting website, is considered to be one of the more influential, successful and well-respected sports bettors in the industry. His approach is to treat betting on the NFL as an investment, no different than if you were playing the stock market or putting your savings into mutual funds. He looks at factors such as risk level and money management in his approach to placing wagers on games. You can listen to Bet The Board podcast.

Gridiron Gamble

Hosts: Brett Collson, Mo Nuwwarah, Donnie Peters, Rich Ryan

As the name implies, this is an NFL betting podcast that is first, foremost and always about betting on football. Presented by, this football betting podcast runs each week during the NFL season. The hosts delve deeply into betting picks for upcoming games and recaps of the previous week’s outcomes.

Their focus is directed toward the Las Vegas SuperContest. Billed as the ultimate football handicapping challenge, the contestant who correctly earns the most points over the course of the entire NFL season will capture the championship and a prize of at least $1 million.

Bet The Process

Hosts: Rufus Peabody, Jeff Ma

Ma was a member of the famed MIT blackjack team in the 1990s. In two movies about their betting prowess and accomplishments – Bringing Down the House and 21 – the lead character was loosely based on Ma. He works for ESPN, appearing on SportsCenter as a predictive analytics expert. Ma launched this podcast in 2017. As well, he makes regular appearances on Tony Kornheiser’s podcast to discuss the week’s NFL picks.

Peabody is a professional sports analyst who splits time between Las Vegas and Washington DC. He worked as a statistical analyst for Las Vegas Sports Consultants, the largest and most influential oddsmaking company in the world. Peabody has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University. He’s co-founder of Massy-Peabody Analytics, a sports-betting think tank that applies deep statistical analysis to predict NFL games. You can listen to Bet The Process podcast.

RJ Bell’s Dream Preview

Host: RJ Bell

Bell is the founder of Pregame, the largest American digital company covering Las Vegas news and odds. Pregame is the official odds provider for Associated Press. He has a degree in finance from Ohio State. Bell has hosted his own radio show on ESPN Las Vegas and has appeared as a regular both Colin Cowherd and Stephen A. Smith’s national radio programs. He even made a cameo appearance as himself on the HBO Series Ballers.

While his show focuses on all sports, there is heavy emphasis at all times on the NFL. Bell’s guest list reads like a who’s who of sports betting experts. People like Steve Fezzik, Ken Thomson, Matthew Holt and Brad Powers are regulars on the podcast. They mix in trends, Xs and Os and analytics in their takes on each NFL game. And with so many well-connected Las Vegas betting types, you know they are plugged in to the latest info. You can listen to RJ Bell’s Dream Preview podcast.

Behind The Bets

Host: Doug Kezirian

Hosted by ESPN, the world sports leader, Behind The Bets is a nuts and bolts betting show that is about the business of betting. You won’t be distracted by a bunch of bells and whistles, or be overwhelmed by obnoxious hot takes. This show is entirely information driven.

During NFL season, they really hit their stride. Kezirian’s regular guest to talk pro football betting is John Murray from the Las Vegas-based Westgate SuperBook. Murray doesn’t shy away from going into detail. He’ll not only break down an NFL game, but he’ll also delve deep into the numbers – how the public is playing a specific game, how many bets they’ve handled on each team, how the sharps are approaching the game. It’s a fascinating view of the process through the eyes of a bookmaker.

Degeneration Bets

Hosts: Nick (Lamb) Dias, Anthony Impastato

As the title suggests, this is one of the best NFL wagering podcasts aimed at the younger betting audience. It might not be to all tastes, as they don’t take themselves too seriously. They have a lot of fun while breaking down the week’s best bets.

Since they are aiming at a younger audience, you’ll also find that there’s plenty of discussion about daily fantasy wagering as well. So if you’re into that type of betting, this could be the show for you. These guys clearly aren’t the old-school style of sports bettor. But they are steadily growing an audience, especially among those new to sports betting.

Against All Odds

Host: Salvatore Iacono

Another show that delves into all of the leading North American sports. But when they do football, they do it well. Their NFL Draft preview included guest analysis from former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

There’s plenty of irreverent humor injected into each episode. The repartee between Iacono and his sports betting buddies, branded The Degenerate Trifecta, is worth a listen all in itself. Since the podcast is hosted by, you’ll also hear plenty from Ringer owner and founder Bill Simmons. It might not be the No. 1 show in terms of analysis but from an entertainment perspective, it’s an A-lister. You can listen Against All Odds podcast.

Sports Gambling Podcast

Hosts: Sean Green, Ryan Kramer

Green and Kramer created this NFL betting podcast in 2011, so you’ve got to give them credit for staying power in a very competitive, results-driven industry. Between them, they’ve spent over four decades in the sports betting industry.

Their show is a straightforward offering of analysis, advice, opinions, and picks. They do sprinkle in the occasional guest interview with someone from the football world. And they aren’t afraid to go off the beaten path. They did their own NFL mock draft during one podcast. You can listen to Sports Gambling Podcast.

Why do you need to listen to U.S NFL Betting podcasts?

Because NFL wagering podcasts provide you with the insights that you need to find value bets in American Football betting lines and improve your pay off chances.

The betting love affair with the NFL is understandable. There’s just one game a week per team, as opposed to the 3-4 that an NHL or NBA team could play. MLB clubs generally play six out of every seven days.

With the NFL, you can narrow your betting focus and zero in on 2-3 solid plays per week. And the NFL doesn’t tend to be as wildly unpredictable as college football.

Listen, when it comes to sports betting in the United States, the NFL is king. According to a study connected by the Norwalk, Conn., research firm Markitecture, 48 percent of Americans say they bet on the NFL. Another study conducted by the UNLV Center for Gaming Research indicated that 36 percent of all wagers placed at Las Vegas sportsbooks in 2017 were NFL bets.

Super Bowl Sunday is often referred to as sports betting Christmas. Annually, it’s the biggest sports betting day of the year in the USA. When the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, the game brought in a record $158.6 million worth of wagers at Nevada sportsbooks. Enjoy!