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What to look for in NBA betting tips, picks and predictions?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

While using a tout to provide winning sports advice will certainly cut into your NBA basketball betting bottom line, many American gamblers will turn to companies and individuals to provide a winning edge of the sportsbooks.

When considering a tout, a bettor should try to obtain a documented record of the handicapper’s record. This is easier said than done.

More realistically, gamblers looking for advice should try to follow free advice from respected industry columnists, websites and shows that they trust in their reasoning for providing winning betting advice.

Handicappers that are high-profile and make themselves available to the public or their private customers are more likely to provide a more honest hard-working approach. They may have already gotten that job by their performance, presentation, and strong public following.

Twitter is full of thousands of handicappers of all levels of success and ability. There are also sports betting forums that share betting tips from paid handicappers. There are also many television and YouTube gambling shows and literature with handicappers discussing games from a sports betting perspective.