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Best books about sports betting to read? Top 10

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: September 6, 2023

Sports betting literature is now becoming extremely popular among Americans. This is especially true in the states where betting apps have become legalized.

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These some of the most informative sports betting books are available in cheap Kindle-, paperback (hardcover) – and in free downloadable pdf and audio formats. Improve your betting performance, read some books.

Teasers. Parlays. Totals. Riding the chalk. Searching for steam. If you stand and listen to a couple of sharps – the term often used to refer to experienced sports bettors – it might bend your mind. The lingo of sports betting makes it seem complicated. Fortunately, the fact of the matter is that it’s not.

Like any pursuit, those willing to devote the time and energy required to learn the ins and outs of the occupation will find it very rewarding. There is an element of luck to sports betting but its always worth trying to gain any edge you can over the sportsbooks.

Here are some reads you can check out:

Sports Betting for Beginners: Sportsbook Terms & Tips

The title is self-explanatory. As you delve into its pages, you’ll also find that the words are equally easy to grasp and comprehend.

Author Rudy Williams is an experienced sports bettor but his words speak to you like someone who understands that you know nothing about the subject.  How do you read the odds? What do the plus and minus signs mean before the numbers? What is a rollover?

Williams takes the time to explain every nuance of the sports betting game in simplistic and easy-to-understand language. He covers all the basics and offers specific examples to succinctly display each explanation.

Best of all, it’s a quick and easy read, just 18 pages in length. And it also comes in a Kindle edition. That means when you finally decide to venture out into the world of sports betting, you can take this book along wherever you go, in case a quick refresher course is in order.

Gambling For Dummies

Another in this popular series of the best books for sports betting that has simplified just about everything there is to do in life. Here, you will find easy yet comprehensive explanations of all betting and gambling terminology. Authors Lou Krieger, Richard D. Harroch and Arthur Reber keep it simple, offering basic nuts and bolts explanations.

From this sports betting literature you’ll learn the rules of the different games and how to wager on such popular sports as baseball, football, basketball, and horse racing. It’s a great and easy to follow learning tool for those who are new to sports betting and want the basics in order to get started.

Sharp Sports Betting

Some in the sports betting industry refer to this as the War And Peace or Pride And Prejudice of books on the subject. It’s considered an absolute must-read for the newcomer to wagering on sports. This gambling book is the bible on sports betting.

Author Stanford Wong goes in depth in explaining the world of the sports bettor. He starts by covering the basics over the first few chapters. He then delves deeply into the best betting strategies and explains in vivid detail how the gambling odds are determined and how betting outcomes tend to play out.

This is one of the most informative and best books for sports betting. It is a must read if you intend to take your sports betting pursuit seriously. And it’s your money you’ll be wagering online, so why wouldn’t you take it seriously?

How To Make Money In Sports Betting

Much like Sports Betting For Beginners, this book is another option for the newcomer in wagering on sporting events to learn the terminology and how betting works.

Produced by HTe Books, this gambling literature is a 35-minute audiobook (also, Kindle) that keeps things down to a very simplistic level. That makes it ideal for those starting out in what can often feel like the overwhelming world of betting on sports.

This book won’t turn you into a world-class professional sports bettor but it will provide you with the tools to begin down that path.

Mathletics: How Gamblers, Managers, and Sports Enthusiasts Use Mathematics in Baseball, Basketball, and Football

As professional sports bettor James Holzhauer showed the world during his impressive run on Jeopardy, there are solid wagering formulas that when applied properly, can work in any competitive environment.

That’s the basic theory behind Wayne L. Winston’s book. A business professor and an MIT-educated operations research specialist, Winston takes mathematical theories and applies them to sports betting.

The same theories of probability that apply in calculus class can provide you with the edge to win at sports betting. See, when you thought you didn’t need to learn all those mathematical equations, you were wrong. Here’s where it can pay off for you. This one of the best gambling books deserved 4.1 out of 5 stars rating at Amazon.

The Signal And The Noise

Nate Silver is best known for operating the website Five Thirty-Eight, which focuses on opinion polls, politics, economics, and yes, sports. The same statistical analysis Silver applies to determining the winner of an election can also be applied to predict the outcome of a pennant race.

In this book, Silver takes his big-picture style of combining historical data, statistical analysis and allows how it can be applied to determining the outcome of sporting events. He shows trends and patterns to watch for that will reveal whether a prediction pattern is legit, or simply a lot of white noise that the masses are following like lambs to slaughter.

Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

This book doesn’t so much deal with discovering the nuances of sports betting as it does explain to the novice bettor the proper approach to take when it comes to wagering on sporting events (football (NFL) and soccer, baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA) and more). Any professional sports bettor will tell you than to succeed, you have to be in the game for the long haul. You must accept that there will be bad days and prepare for them accordingly.

Author Joseph Buchdahl suggests that in order to be successful sports betting pro, you must look at this as you would any other business plan. Assess your risk. Know beforehand what you are willing or can afford to lose. Gambling is a high-risk profession but Buchdahl’s theories are designed to turn it into a low-risk investment.

The Smart Money: How the World’s Best Sports Bettors Beat the Bookies Out of Millions

Pulling back the veil of secrecy, Michael Konik, author of several books relating to gambling, seeks to expose the gameplans, outlooks and strategies of the world’s top sports bettors.

While it certainly isn’t a how-to book for the sports betting newbie, it serves a different purpose. It’s a cautionary tale of how difficult it is to be a success at sports betting. It opens a window into the kind of time and the level of commitment that is required to be a world-class sports bettor.

Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting

Let’s be honest here – how-to books about sports betting are not going to be page turners. This isn’t Harry Potter or the latest John Grisham crime novel. But then again, you’re not here to be entertained. You’re here to be educated.

In this case, author King Yao’s work is painstakingly detailed. His view is that you must approach sports betting as a competition between you and the oddsmakers. Sports betting is fluid. The lines on games change frequently in the lead-up to the start of play.

Utilizing an analytical approach, Yao offers guidelines to determine when is the right time to place a wager as a sports market adapts and changes to reflect the conditions that impact a game.

The Complete Guide to Sports Betting

Viewing the sports betting world via the systems and methods that the sharps employ to succeed on a daily basis, Kevin Dolan’s book shows you how to implement those styles in your own betting plans in order to succeed.

This sports betting literature is all about increasing your betting IQ. It teaches you how to analyze the patterns and trends, and explains the value of analyzing early and late line movements on games to see when to wager and when to pass.