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What does U 52 mean on a betting line?

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: October 31, 2022

U 52 is an abbreviation for “under 52 points”. This means the total points of the game being bet must be less than 52 points for a bettor to win this wager.

This is what's known as an over/under bet. You will most commonly see U 52 on an NFL betting line.

An example would be if the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins are playing and the point total is set to 52. If a bettor takes the under (U 52), the combined score of the two teams must stay under 52.

  • If the Cowboys win 28-21, (total 49), the bettor wins.
  • If the Cowboys win, 28-27, (total 55) the bettor loses the bet.
  • If the Cowboys win 28-24 (total 52), the bet is a push, and the bettor breaks even.

It doesn’t matter if the game goes overtime (unlike European football) if the total exceeds 52, the bet is a losing bet.

American Gambler Staff