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Real Money Betting Micro-Markets Concept: Simplebet Partners With Intralot

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: October 10, 2020

The objective of Simplebet is to take live in-play wagering and ramp it so that there’s even more action. By partnering with lottery and gaming operator Intralot, Simplebet’s intent is to offer millions of new and exciting betting opportunities across the Intralot Orion platform. Orion is Intralot’s sports betting platform.

Simplebet is a B2B product development company that utilizes machine learning in combination with real-time technology, with a goal of enabling virtually every moment of every sporting event to become a betting opportunity. These are known as micro-markets.

Based in Greece, Intralot is a leading gaming solutions supplier and operator active in 42 regulated jurisdictions around the world. Intralot is also a licensed gaming provider and one of the world’s top sports betting operators, leading the way in the new interactive era of content-rich gaming. 

Every Moment Is A Betting Window

Simplebet believes that in the blink of an eye, a bettor could be a winner, or they could’ve just missed a chance to cash in big. 

For example, take a typical Major League Baseball game. On average, there are some 300 pitches thrown during a nine-inning game. Approximately 75 batters will come to the plate over the course of those nine innings. 

Now multiply that by 15 games and you’ve a typical amount of potential live in-play wagering possibilities generated per night by MLB. Doing the math, it adds up to 4,500 pitches and 1,125 at-bats. 

Take into consideration a regular 162-game season and now you’re talking about around 250,000 at-bats and 900,000 pitches. Factoring in all possible outcomes from each pitch, that works out to approximately 1.5 million chances to place a bet through the course of an MLB campaign.

In Simplebet’s concept, each of these moments should be treated as a betting opportunity. They’ve also developed similar micro-market programs that operate with both NFL and NBA games to offer a similar endless supply of wagering opportunities.

Live Opportunities

In Europe, live betting accounts for about 70 percent of all wagers. The USA market hasn’t quite caught up, averaging between 30-50 percent of wagers being placed on in-play outcomes.

Simplebet already has deals in place to provide live betting solutions for both Pointsbet and FanDuel, two of the more prominent U.S. sports betting sites. Among Simplebet’s more well-known investors are tennis legend Andre Agassi and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner David Blitzer.

Pointsbet went live with the streaming and in-play betting options.