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Live Stream and Bet at PointsBet USA Betting Site

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 10, 2020

Thanks to its partnership with the Genius Sports Group, via its Betgenius business, U.S. sports betting site Pointsbet has expanded their wide-ranging sportsbook content partnership to include the supplier's sports live streaming service (FREE for registered users).

The new agreement makes PointsBet the first U.S. operator to offer live streaming on their online sportsbook site and mobile app. The program will be adding thousands of live streams across a broad range of sports and geographies, complete with official data-powered in-game pricing for every fixture.

Live Stream Betting Events in NJ, IA, IN, IL

Players in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Colorado are now able to watch the live streams via the PointsBet app and website, exclusively, as they wager on sporting events.

As a long-term partner to PointsBet, Betgenius will continue to provide fully customizable in-game pricing for an array of sports and competitions. Together, the data and streaming services offered by Genius Sports Group will enable PointsBet to provide its customers with access to the highest-quality official data and streaming services.

The addition of live streaming to their betting platforms will enable Pointsbet to increase the number of betting markets offered at their site in terms of live in-play wagering. 

“The average U.S. sports bettor currently shows almost a perfect 50/50 split of placing bets prior to the start of competition versus placing bets in-play,” Ron Shell, VP Customer & Insights at PointsBet USA, said in a statement. “Industry experts and the PointsBet team agree that wagering will trend more and more toward in-play as the U.S. market matures – a natural shift given the consistent overlap of U.S. sporting events, as well as the structure of U.S. sports, allowing for micro markets like the next ‘at bat' in baseball or the ‘next drive' in football.”

Shell described the first step into the world of live streaming as merely “the tip of the iceberg,” in terms of what they’ll be able to deliver going forward via this partnership with Betgenius.

Live Streaming & In-play Betting: Pros and Cons

Some of the advantages of in-play wagering are that the odds tend to be better than what you’ll get on a standard, traditional-style wager. Being able to bet during the game also adds to the enjoyment of the competition and keeps you involved with the action. It becomes a more interactive experience.

Cons with in-play wagering are that unlike a normal bet, there’s no time to develop a strategy or to research trends. It’s 100 percent an intuitive, gut instinct choice. And the fact of the matter is that strategy wouldn’t work for anyone, because there’s no pattern to the flow of play in a game. Another drawback is that you can lose a lot when you’re betting on several outcomes within a match, and you can lose it quickly.

The benefit of live streaming is that it will enable Pointsbet to carry live action of events that normally aren’t seen by a North American audience – say a Turkish soccer match, or a Korean baseball game, for example. The live stream will drive handle, as well as retention of customers during off-peak periods when the major North American sports aren’t in action.