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Philadelphia’s 10 Best DFS Sites: Play with Bonus!

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: July 16, 2019

Daily Fantasy Sports DFS games are legal in Philadelphia (PA), as they are across the whole of Pennsylvania, for anyone over the age of 18 – as long as players use one of 10 State licensed DFS sites in Pennsylvania.

Daily Fantasy Sports (more commonly known by the abbreviation DFS) betting is legal are regulated in Philadelphia, as it is across the whole of Pennsylvania.

Fantasy Sports generally avoided the federal ban on sports betting in America, which ran from 1992 until it was overturned in 2018, because of a provision in the law that classed them as games of skill, rather than games of chance. For much of that time, it operated in a legal grey area – but, in Pennsylvania, it was formally legalised in 2017 – as part of a wider sports betting bill that predated the overturning of the federal ban on sports betting.

That means it is perfectly legal for anyone over the age of 18 to play DFS games in Philadelphia on sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft, Yahoo! and ESPN. 

All Lgeal DFS sites in Philadelphia offer welcome sign-up bonuses and promotions to the new and existing customers. You may need promo codes to activate some of them. Play NOW! 

10 BEST licenced DFS sites in Pennsylvania 2020:


DraftKings DFS is one of the best Daily Fantasy sports sites in PA. The app boasts a range of sports betting options, including fantasy basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and even Nascar, MMA, and the CFL, and features free as well as pay-to-enter games. Until midnight December 31, 2019, DraftKings is offering a €10 free play to new registered users who follow a referral link and who deposit €5. It also offers other inducements to new users at different times of year.

  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Golf
  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Fantasy NASCAR
  • Fantasy MMA
  • Fantasy Soccer
  • Fantasy College Football
  • Fantasy College Basketball
  • Fantasy League of Legends
  • Fantasy EuroLeague Basketball
  • Fantasy Tennis
  • Fantasy Arena Football League

FanDuel DFS PA

Fanduel like DraftKings is a fantasy sports platform and features free as well as pay-to-enter games. Between them, FanDuel and DraftKings have 90 percent of the daily fantasy sports market. FanDuel is offering a €5 to new users who make an initial deposit of €5. It also offers other inducements to new users at different times of year.

DFS Draft PA

More than 6million teams are registered on the DRAFT online DFS across the US. It is become one of the best DFS sites in the USA. The app features NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and golf events. You may need Draft Promo Code to activate free cash sign-up bonus when signing-up in 2021!  

How to play Draft Fantasy:

1. Select your Draft (Sport)

2. Draft five players and outscore your opponents

3. Follow along with live scoring.

FFP Championship

Fantasy Football Players Championship describes itself as the “Home of high-stakes fantasy football”. A range of cash leagues are available, with entry fees regularly ranging from €150 to €2,500 – while the highest stakes games can cost up to €10,000 to enter. Its Main Event for 2019 has a first prize of $500,000 and a $3.1million prize pot

Boom Fantasy App PA

The Boom Fantasy app offers all the major US sports – NFL, NBA, MLB, and golf – but also goes where other apps fear to tread, and includes more unexpected sports, including sumo wrestling.

Fastpick DFS

Fastpick – now part of – offers prizes of up to $100,000 in its fantasy sports book.

SNF Championships

Sportshub National Fantasy Championships is a highstakes fantasy DFS – with entry fees to many games ranging between $25 and $400 in baseball, Football and basketball competitions.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports PA

As you'd expect, Yahoo Fantasy Sports (one of the best DFS sites in USA) offers a range of games covering a range of sports – including Football, College Football, baseball, basketball and hockey. It has free, paid-for and custom cash leagues. ‘Pro' leagues entry fees range from $20 to $1,000 – with $5,000 leagues on their way…

Fantasy Draft PA

Fantasy Draft caters for the DFS needs of MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, and NFL fans. Entry fees for prize games habitually range from as low as $0.01 to over $300. From July 2019, its head-to-head (H2H) games between players are ‘rake free', meaning the winner gets 100% of the pot.

FFS Network

Fulltime Fantasy Sports Network – the DFS operator formerly known as Scout Fantasy Sports – also runs the gamut of DFS games across the US sports band – from the usual suspects of MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, and NFL to NASCAR and MMA.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board it is legal to participate in fantasy sports contests with any of the 10 firms listed above, as long as players are entering an event and playing within Pennsylvania.

However, inside Pennsylvania state lines (incl. Philadelphia city), it is not legal to participate in fantasy sports contests with any firm other than these licensed 10.

All Daily Fantasy websites offer expert betting advice from their pundits on players to pick and avoid – and have a strong social media presence, as well as forums and chat sites. Look out, too, for player forums on websites such as RotoGrinders, Daily Fantasy Sports Forum, or