The NFL is the most bet on league in the US, but some games that get more attention than others. There are three NFL prime time games, all of which are huge betting events.

Admittingly, I like to look at all of the NFL slate to bet on. New TV channels have made it easier to stay tuned to all of the games at once. This is especially great for following players on your fantasy team.

However, it’s much easier to look at NFL betting trends and do your research when nothing else is going on. That’s exactly where NFL prime time games come in. These games have a bigger handle than most of the other games that occur on Sundays.

What are the NFL Prime Time Betting Games?

As we discussed, there are three NFL prime time games. They will vary in popularity based on the teams playing.

Thursday Night Football

Thursday night is the first game of the week. I always have to remind myself to fix my fantasy lineup or make a bet before the game begins. It’s definitely the least popular of the three.

But it has gotten a lot more popular in recent years. Thursday Night Football used to only be broadcast on the NFL Network, but most games are now nationally televised on FOX.

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Playing on Thursday night means a short turnaround time. Most of the teams participating just got done with a game on Sunday unless they are coming off of a bye week.

That means less time for preparation and less time for injured guys to heal up. A major consideration for betting on football.

What about Thanksgiving Day? Yes, those are on Thursday, but more games are scheduled than just one. It’s one of the most popular days to bet on football and has NFL betting trends of its own.

Sunday Night Football

Sunday night is the most popular time for professional football. All football fans are tuned in after what was already a long day of games. Sunday Night Football is broadcasted on NBC, usually including one of the most popular teams in the league.

Some teams have played more on SNF than others, having a lot to do with the number of viewers it will receive. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and New England Patriots have played on Sunday night the most.

The legend Joh Madden used to call games on SNF, and it is now Cris Collinsworth

Like all NFL prime time games, it is a safe bet to go with the home team, but even more so on Sunday night. Fans have spent all day tailgating and it usually makes for an intense environment for the away team.

Monday Night Football

Sunday Night Football was the marquee game of the week. But in 1970, it generated some competition from Monday Night Football.

It’s your first day back to work, and you get to come home and watch the final NFL game of the week. It can be a time where you are looking to make up for some losses on Sunday and watch your final fantasy player bring you to a win.

MNF is broadcasted on ESPN, broadcasted by Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick.

Monday night games give the teams an additional day to prepare for their opponent. This means traveling can be less of an issue, but there will undoubtedly be an excited crowd waiting for them.

NFL Prime Time Betting Types

All of the US sportsbooks you will find on our page will give you tons of betting options for NFL prime time games. As the most popular league to bet on in the US, you won’t find anything that has more!


There will be a spread created by oddsmakers for every game. Many sportsbooks now use algorithms to predict this number.

A (+) will be next to the team that is the underdog, while a (-) will be next to the team that is the favorite. When betting on the spread, you will always get odds close to -110 to -120 based on the movement. If the odds move much more than that, then the spread will change.

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If you are betting on the favorite, then they need to win by the spread. For example, if the Cowboys are -6.5, they would have to win by 7 for you to win the bet.

On the other hand, if the Packers are +6.5, they don’t have to win the game for you to win the wager. They just have to lose by 6 or less.

Some people can stray away from taking a big favorite, but there have been some blowouts on NFL prime time games. Taking a big favorite isn’t always a bad idea.


Placing a moneyline bet is simply betting on a team to win. The odds will reflect how good of a chance that each team has to win.

However, it’s not the best way to win money if a team is a heavy favorite. A team that is expected to win can have a moneyline as high as -300, meaning you would need to bet $300 to win $100.

But if you predict an underdog is going to win, it can be incredibly profitable. Opposite of the favorite, the underdog could have +250 odds, creating a $250 win on just a $100 bet.


Prop betting is where it gets fun. Prop bets don’t really have anything to do with the outcome of the game but are more focused on a single event or player performance.

Some players shine in the prime time atmosphere. Others crumble. You can bet on a quarterback to surpass so many yards, or a wide receiver to catch a certain number of passes.

For example, Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills always seems to shine during NFL prime time games. If his over/under on passing yards is around 300, I’m taking the over.

For the Super Bowl, there are tons of prop bets. But you won’t find all of those options for NFL prime time games throughout the season. Super Bowl prop bets go as far as guessing what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach!


Personally, there’s nothing more fun than rooting for the over. But NFL betting trends wouldn’t suggest that is always the best option.

There will be an over/under amount for both teams combined, as well as each team. You can also bet on quarters and halves.

It is frustrating when you think you are going to hit an under, only to have the game go into overtime. It’s one of the most crushing defeats in NFL betting.


Parlays can be a great way to stack up winnings. There are times where I pick out three or four games during the NFL week that I really like. I will combine those bets to create a parlay.


So, you are just placing one bet with 3+ outcomes. All of the predictions have to be correct in order for the wager to payout. This is one way you can simply bet $10 or $20 and win $100 or more.

Live Betting

Live betting is becoming more and more popular as technology improves. And it is even more used during NFL prime time games, simply because fans can focus on one game at a time.

Most, if not all, of the US sportsbooks on our page will have live betting for the NFL. Some will even have live streaming so that you can watch the game from the site or mobile app.

As the game happens, the odds and lines will change during the action. If you are tuned in to the game, it can create some great chances to get a leg up on the sportsbook. NFL betting trends aren’t always reliable when it comes to live betting.

If you can predict a change in momentum before the odds react, you can make a couple of nice wagers. It’s best to have already made a pregame bet.

If you make a pregame bet, you can hedge that wager. Hedging your bets using live betting is one of the best ways to guarantee wins or reduce the amount that you lose.

Let’s say you put a pregame wager on the favorite, but the game is not starting the way you want it to. You can simply place a second bet on the underdog.

It even works better if you place a future bet. If you bet on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl and make it to the big game, you can then place a win bet on their opponent. This guarantees that you will make a profit after the game.

NFL Prime Time Betting Bonuses

We have discussed how NFL prime time games are big events for players and bettors. But it is equally as exciting for sportsbooks. It is a perfect time to release special NFL betting bonuses and promotions that you can use.

Here are some examples of the NFL prime time betting promos that you will find on the US sportsbooks on our site.

Odds Boost

Maybe a team has -120 odds to win the game. A sportsbook may boost their odds to +100, creating more winnings for you if the bet wins.

PointsBet Odds Boost

No juice offers are much like odds boosts. The sportsbook will take away the juice, which secures the rake of the operator, improving the lines for the bettor.

Live Betting Bonus

We discussed how awesome live betting can be, and sportsbooks want you to try out live betting platforms. At times, sportsbooks will give you a bonus for simply placing a live bet on an NFL prime time game.

Parlay Insurance

I truly hate placing a big parlay only to have one team or event ruin the entire bet. Parlay insurance bonuses can be a lifesaver for that exact reason. If one of your legs loses in a 3+ leg parlay, you can get a refund for part of your bet, or the entire thing.

NFL Prime Time Betting Tips

If you are looking to bet on NFL prime time games, there are several things to consider. Here are some basic tips to follow when you are betting on a big game.

  1. Research and Injury Reports

Since it’s the only game being played, there is plenty of time for a little research. It always kills me when I forget about a certain injured player. And know how players usually perform on the big stage.

  • Pregame Bet & Live Betting

The live betting section was one of the largest on this page, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to come out ahead or manage your risks.

  • Manage Your Money

All of the sportsbooks on our site have responsible gaming tools that will help you control how much you are spending. Don’t get carried away with live betting or all of the options for props.

  • Shop Lines and Sportsbook Bonuses

States with legal sportsbooks usually have multiple options. You are allowed to sign up for several sportsbooks and have multiple accounts. Look for the best odds and bonuses before the game starts.


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