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Narrow Your Focus For Successful Sports Betting

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: December 6, 2020

How to succeed in sports betting? Are there any successful strategies to use when betting?

Well, there’s a scene in the iconic 1970s police comedy Barney Miller when Det. Yemana, portrayed by actor Jack Soo, is desperately seeking to find the betting line on an Alcorn State college football game. 

Queries about the odds to his fellow detectives are met with puzzled staring and worried looks. Most have never even heard of Alcorn State. Even Yemana must admit there’s little he knows about the team other than that they are underdogs and playing their arch rivals. 

For athletes on the field or court of play, focus is a vital element of success. Should a performer lose their focus for even a fleeting moment, it can prove to be the difference between victory and defeat.

Focus is also an essential quality in successful sports betting

Keeping your eyes on the prize is paramount. Never bet with emotion, or throw good money after bad during a losing streak. Stick with the betting plan. Stay the course. Rely first and foremost on the research and analytics. 

There are other areas where focus is important when it comes to sports betting. In certain sports, the wagering opportunities can seem endless. 

Take soccer, for example. On any given day, a betting site such as William Hill USA will offer betting lines on the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, the German Bundesliga, France’s Ligue 1, the MLS, Mexico’s Liga MX, the Portuguese Primeira Liga, Brazil’s Serie A and B, Argentina’s Copa De La Liga and Primera B Nacional, Japan’s J-League, the Armenian Premier League, the Russian National Football League, the Turkish Super Lig, Romanian Liga 1 and 2, Singapore’s S-League, Ecuador’s Primera A and the Bolivian Primera Division. 

If you’re considering betting on even the majority of these leagues, not only are you going to fail at this endeavor, you might want to seek therapy, for there’s no way anyone could successfully keep on top of the events related to all of the potential outcomes. 

It’s the same with NCAA basketball. There are more than 350 Division I schools. Check out the betting lines just about any day at FanDuel and they will be offering odds on many as 100 games. Again, assessing the probabilities in each of these contests simply isn’t feasible.

That’s why a bettor always needs to narrow their focus. Pick out one or two leagues to keep track of and study those leagues with a fervor, devouring all available information. If you live in the midwest, maybe the Big Ten is the right conference for you. Since EPL matches are readily available on U.S. television, that could be a soccer league to pursue. 

It will make it easier to track when a wise wager appears and in the long run, will be a more relaxing pursuit and hopefully, a more profitable outcome. 

And if you happen to live in Mississippi, home to Alcorn State, and are a fan of the Southwestern Athletic Conference, then you go ahead and bet on the Braves. If not, maybe it might be wise to give wagering on them a pass.

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