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How much can you make betting NBA basketball games?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

The great thing about sports betting is that the possibilities are somewhat endless.

That being said, most NBA betting experts agree that far less than five percent of all sports bettors will actually make money gambling on games. Some attest that the figure could be closer to one percent.

Still, you can win as much money as USA online sportsbooks will allow you to win. Savvy operating betting kiosks will rarely boot a player for winning. In fact, many stories of players being banned have less to do with winning and more about circumventing procedures and limits.

Realistically, a strong winning percentage coupled with moderate volume is likely required to make a real profit betting on NBA basketball.

To win at NBA basketball, a bettor must achieve at least a winning percentage of near 52.4 percent before taking into account changes for wagers that are placed at less or greater than odds of -110.

That being said, NBA basketball bettors all have different approaches when trying to eke out a profit at the bookmakers’ expense.

An honest, winning player should never look to take advantage of the bookmaker, like WillHill US, bet365 or Draftkings sports book.