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How can fantasy statistics be used in NBA basketball betting?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

Projecting how a player will perform in daily fantasy sports contests can help sports bettors as it relates to betting on individual player props.

Respected fantasy projections are often updated frequently to adjust for any kind of personal change in every team’s rotation.

Fantasy experts will update their projections accordingly when the news of player injury reports come out, especially late in the betting cycle.

Often, sportsbooks are not as quick to catch up to these moves until a few bets have come in on the value side of the proposition, according to the fantasy ranking.

We can sometimes look at a consensus survey of daily fantasy projections for the upcoming NBA games and compare them to the offered props for each player’s individual statistics.

While the projections are only as good as the analysts and algorithms that are creating them, a wide-look across the industry at player projections can assist in making an accurate forecast.

The reason that fantasy analysts will likely be ahead of sportsbooks is due to the fact that bookmakers are likely reacting to the money that comes in, rather than adjusting their numbers based on last-minute lineup adjustments, unless an elite player is involved.