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Explaining what a Sharp is in sports betting

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: September 14, 2020

We may be living in a society where a certain portion of the general public is actively downplaying the advice of experts in their field but that’s not the case at all when it comes to sports betting.

In sports wagering, the experts are referred to as sharps and they are revered by recreational bettors and respected by sportsbooks. What does it mean?

Sharps is a term utilized to describe what are also known as professional bettors. These are people who consider sports betting to be an occupation as opposed to a recreation. 

Generally, they are laser-focused on wagering, taking an ultra-serious approach to each bet they play. They’re well-connected within the sports world, so they tend to get their information on a particular event faster and in more detail than the average bettor.

They are players who win more than they lose, so the way they play is well-respected within the industry. It’s why sharp bets are also referred to as “smart money” wagers.

When these sharps do place a bet, it will almost always be for a sum significant enough to move the needle on the odds on that particular sporting event. 

Often, American sportsbooks will offer breakdowns of how the sharp money is wagering on a particular event in comparison to recreational bettors, commonly referred to as public money. Often, the sharp money plays differ significantly from who the general public is backing in a sports bet.