What does a -1450 mean when betting NBA playoffs?

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What does a -1450 mean when betting NBA playoffs?

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: November 22, 2022

If you log on to your online sportsbook and see a teams moneyline odds priced at -1450, it means the bookmaker see that team as prohibitive favorites. At these odds you would need to wager $1,450 just to win $100.

In NBA betting, a moneyline set at -1450 correlates to a point-spread favorite of roughly 12-13 points.

In this scenario, depending on the sportsbooks’ margins, the flipside of the betting line could be as high as +800 or +900. Imagine the Miami Heat were hosting the Charlotte Hornets. The moneyline odds at BetMGM might look something like this:

  • Miami Heat -1450
  • Charlotte Hornets +800

Of this were the case, a $100 wager placed on underdog Charlotte would return $800 in profits.

Many casual sports bettors pass on overwhelming odds sicjh as -1450, because there is no perceived value and you need to risk a lot to win a little. However, some bettors might take a sure favorite at -1450 and parlay them with other favorites to get more favorable odds.