What does a -1450 mean when betting NBA playoffs?

When faced with a money line such as -1450, the bookmaker is offering you a line to win $100. A favorite of -1450 is an overwhelming choice to win a single game.

The bettor would be asked to bet $1450 to win $100.

A line of -1450 represents a point-spread favorite in the NBA of around 12 points.

In this scenario, depending on the sportsbooks’ margins, the takeback on a bet such as -1450 could be as high as +1100 or +1200, meaning that same $100 wager would return over $1000 plus the stake.

While a sure favorite, a favorite of over -1000 or higher is no certainty but can’t necessarily be considered a sucker’s bet either.

It is dependent on the bettor to determine if the market’s offering holds value on either side – even if it is a big favorite or underdog.

Many casual gamblers pass on making bets on large money lines because of the substantial investment for minimal return. Although bettors will often parlay several large money line favorites.

Professional bettors are less hesitant to “lay a lot to win a little” as long as they feel they have value in the money line offering.


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