Can we use head to head historical matchups when handicapping NBA basketball?

The argument for using head-to-head historical matchups in NBA basketball betting can be looked at from both ends of the spectrum.

What happened in the past may have little or no bearing on what could happen in the future when it comes to the same two teams meeting head-to-head.

However, this is probably unlikely, since two teams may have several personnel matchups that continuously occur during a series of games between two teams.

While personnel may change, coaching staffs, front offices and team philosophies and travel itineraries may remain the same, which could lead to an edge for one particular team over another.

Traveling teams may experience certain lulls in energy due to recurring travel plans each time a team comes into a different city and venue.

There are also mental hurdles to overcome when one team has a lopsided series edge over the other.

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Also included in an ATS series edge, or an OVER/UNDER streak in a series is public perception of the matchup, which could lead to one side constantly being overvalued by the public, allowing one of the teams or sides to consistently cash because of the implied value after a shaded public side loses.

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