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Are matchup stats useful in NBA head to head bets?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

It is OK to look at matchup stats before placing your NBA head to head bets. However, arguments are frequently made whether to call into question the emphasis of the NBA head to head matchups in a handicap. Personnel in NBA basketball can change frequently, or certain players may have missed the game, which could skew results, making them useless.

More likely, however, the result of the NBA head to head matchups might not always be necessarily a reflection of the team’s personnel or talent matchup against a particular team, but may have more to do with the logistics of how a team travels or how many days off teams have between games.

Nba head to head matchups. Espn.

Nba head to head matchups stats example. Espn: team comparison – boston celtics vs. Los angeles lakers.

How accurate NBA basketball head to head stats?

Also, due to coaching strategies and matchup idiosyncrasies, it is possible for one team to have a statistical or matchup edge over the opponent at certain positions of phases of the game, such as play off the bench.

We should try (when placing NBA head to head bets) to break down those NBA teams head to head stats (matchups) into home-site dependent records, as well. The more likely time to disregard head-to-head matchup results – although not all the time – is when an elite player has left a club, changing the whole makeup of the roster.