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How do you bet money line parlays in NBA Basketball?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

A popular bet is to parlay two or more teams in the NBA betting without having to account for the point spread (handicap).

Winning or losing a money line parlay bet will be more difficult than a 50-50 proposition or easier than a 50-50 proposition depending on the number of favorites and/or underdogs used in the money line parlay.

The more popular public parlay is to lay a series of modest money line favorites – for example at -250 or higher – to perpetuate a decent return, sometimes around even-money or better depending on the number of teams used in the parlay.

Less popular with the public but with a far greater reward is combining a series of money line underdogs.

Using multiple underdogs in any parlay will dramatically increase the return on a winning wager, although the odds of success aren’t as strong, of course.

In order to win a money line parlay, all legs (teams on) of the bet must win.