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Best free NBA handicappers in the USA

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

While we are not here to endorse any specific NBA handicapper, American bettors should know that a whole world of NBA touts and pick sellers are available to provide betting selections. So American sports gamblers don’t have to research the games, teams and bets if they so choose.

Many public and private handicappers will claim to have a winning record with their NBA free picks and their NBA picks that are for sale.

Some of these handicappers even use monitoring services to help legitimize their products by showing a short- or longer-term winning percentage when betting NBA basketball. Check Best Free Sports Scores And Odds Apps for US Bettors and Live Score Results Tool for American Sports Gamblers.

Where to find best NBA handicapper in USA?

In addition, there are now betting television shows on the major sports networks that are starting to focus specifically on sports betting.

And recently, a streaming network debuted out of Las Vegas that broadcasts 24 hours a day. It includes as much as 13 hours per day of live sports betting programming direct from a sports book.

A google search can return hundreds of results of NBA handicappers that will offer free or paid selections. However, our advice is to do your own monitoring of ‘cappers before entrusting their advice, either when receiving free selections or when paying for selections. Check this article “Find Trending Picks, Calculate Bet Return and Compare Odds“.

There are also many free NBA handicappers on YouTube that often will give selections before pitching their “private or premium” picks for sale.

Maybe the best platform to receive free picks is Twitter. A gambler who uses the social media service can find and add dozens of free handicappers in minutes just by searching a few key words.

Betting forums on Reddit are another place to find handicappers and other gamblers who share their picks, or team up to buy the picks of paid handicapping services to share with each other.

Meanwhile, using a tout or handicapping service is rarely beneficial to amateur sports bettors.

Too often the costs of most tout and handicapping services can’t overcome the extra winning percentage necessary to achieve profitable success betting on NBA.

Still, there are successful free and paid touts and handicappers that provide either winning, or at least, informative services to bettors. Also, for DFS NBA contests.