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Find Trending Picks, Calculate Bet Return & Compare Odds

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: November 21, 2019


Launched in September of 2019 by two former Google employees with a background in the gaming industry, is designed to be a sort of supermarket for the sports bettor.

Its purpose is to serve as a starting point for the bettor before they make their move to wager on a game. They’ve created an algorithm that pulls all the data about a game and brings it together to provide the bettor with a one-stop shopping experience.

Combining advice from leading sports analysts, up-to-the minute news, and advanced statistical models with the odds from all of the legal online sportsbook in a legally-regulated state, enables you to contrast and compare the odds at different sportsbook to decipher the best place to make your bet. You can also see trending betting tip and see the best odds as well as promotional bonus offers.

Compare betting odds, trending tips Sign Up

Signing up for is as easy as it gets. Simply supply them with your first and last name and email address. Then you’ll be asked to create a username and password, and you’re in.

There’s no cost to register on the sites. utilizes affiliations with online sportsbooks through targeted ads in order to generate revenue. Bonus Offers and Promo Code

Since there is no money to be won on lost at, there are no bonus offers to be had. As there’s no bonus offer, there’s also no need for any sort of promo code.

How It Works

The operators of have opted to focus their site in states where online sports betting has been legalized. So for instance, let’s say you’re in New Jersey and you wanted to bet on an upcoming NFL game between the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts.

First, you’d click on the icon for that game. The next screen you see will provide a game analysis and best bets. Below those items, there’s a breakdown of the odds on the game from 10 different online sportsbooks. This enables you to instantly see where to access the more favorable odds for your bet.

You can also access all the comparable stats and latest news relating to this matchup.

The site offers odds comparisons for each day’s games in the MLB, NBA, NFL and NCAA basketball and football. It’s expected that they will expand the site to include the NHL and European soccer at some point in the future. Payment Options

As a free service to the sports bettor, you won’t need to worry about what type of payment is compatible with That’s because there’s no payment to be made at the moment.