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Betting on how many games college football teams will win next year?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

Futures Bets Explained

If you’re wanting to change things up from daily moneyline, spread bets, etc., you should sprinkle some money on a futures bet. Futures are bets for events months down the line in a given season that sometimes offer “+” value due to their unpredictability. Examples of futures bet types are championship winners, conference winners, bowl game winners, and regular season win totals.

For many online sportsbooks, futures bets such as win totals are found in a different section of the website than daily betting types such as moneyline, spread bets, and game totals. This is the case with all sports, not just college football.

Betting on “Win totals for college football teams next year”

Here, we’re focusing on win totals for college football teams next year. American online sportsbooks usually roll out their win total betting odds just before the season begins. This is because many sporting events transpired leading up to the new season such as player transfers, new coaching hires, injuries, and other important factors that play into a team’s success or downfall for the new season.

When college football win total betting odds are available, you will be able to bet on whether a team will win less or more than what your sportsbook predicts. For example, if your sportsbook like BetAmerica lists Alabama’s win total for the 2019 season at 11 games, you can place a wager on Alabama finishing the season with either less or more than 11 wins.

Betting on “How many games a college football team will win during the year”

A strategy for betting how many games a college football team will win during the year is researching their win totals from their last two seasons. For instance, if a team won 10 games a year ago but their win total is set at 8.5 despite the team not making any significant changes, then you may want to take the over.