What is Touchdown Scorers betting in American football?

Ezekiel Elliott

In American Football you can place a bet on which players during the course of a game will score a touchdown. You can also wager (with better odds at bet365 USA sportsbook) on which player will score the first touchdown of the game.

How to bet on touchdown scorer in NFL?

For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Philadelphia Eagles the odds on different players scoring a touchdown in the game will vary.

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who led the Cowboys in touchdown each of his first three seasons, will be one of the favorites. The Eagles’ wide receiver Alshon Jeffery would be the best bet from the Eagles perspective.

Ezekiel Elliott - touchdown betting NFL

You could also probably get good odds on either of the team’s quarterbacks Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz or Dallas’ Dak Prescott scoring a touchdown. Both quarterbacks are very mobile and are not afraid to take the ball into the end zone themselves from inside the 5 yardline.

If a player you wager on, in this example let’s say Jeffery, does not participate in the game for any reason, it is ruled a no bet and your money would be refunded.

If, however, Jeffery starts the game, but gets injured and has to leave and not return, sorry but your out of luck and you lose the bet.


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