What is over under 2.5 goals in Betting?

Over/Under 2.5 goals is a common betting line for the total goals in a soccer match.

How to understand O/U betting if I see 2.5 goals?

Here is our explanation of over / under 2.5 goals betting odds.

For example, if Manchester United is playing Manchester City the number of total goals could be 2.5 goals. Now, of course here is not going to be a half-a-goal scored in the match. But that .5 means that there will be winners and losers betting the match and no “pushes’’.

over under 2.5 betting explained

If the final score of the match is two goals, one goal or a 0-0 draw then the under 2.5 bet wins. If the total score of the match totals three. or more, goals, than the over bet wins.

For example, if the final score of the match is Manchester City 1, Manchester United 1, then the under is a winner and the over is a loser.

If the score is 2-1, with either side winning, then the over bet is a winner. Read about Bet MGM’s Edit Your Bet Option, it maybe useful as well.


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