What is Multi-Goals betting in football and how to bet?

Image by Francois Mori/Associated Press

Multi-goals betting is offered for soccer, not football. When placing this bet, you are selecting a range of goals to be scored in a game.

A multi-goal line could be set at 2-4. So if there are two, three, or four goals scored in the game, the wager would be a winner.

When placing a multi-goal soccer bet, it doesn't matter which team wins. It also doesn't matter which team scores the most. It could be all one team, or a split between the two.

Multi-Goal Bet Types

Multi-goals betting can be for the full time or halves. If a game has a multi-goal line, there will likely be one for the first and second half.

In addition, you can bet on a multi-goal line for a certain team. Contrary to looking at the total goals in the game, you will be focusing on the goals scored by one team.


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