What is Corners 3 way in football betting?

There are three different wagers for corners betting in football – Totals, Handicap and Money Line – across the major soccer leagues in Europe and the Champions League. Also, there is a Corners 2 way football betting.

Totals corners betting

In Totals corners betting, the oddsmaker or casino will set a figure for the expected combined number of corners and bettors can choose whether they think the number of corners in the match will be over or under that amount.

Handicap corners betting

Handicap corners betting is the same format as Handicap betting on the NFL, or any other sport – the oddsmakers give one side an advantage (indicated by a + figure) and the other a disadvantage (indicated by a – figure) to counter a perceived bias.

For example, in a game between Sunderland and Manchester City, Sunderland might be +3 corners and Manchester City -3. Manchester City would have to win 4 more corners than Sunderland for a bet on them to win – this would give them +1 corners after the handicap.

Sunderland would have to win more, the same, or anything up to two fewer corners than Manchester City in order for a bet on them to win.

Manchester City - corner betting in football

Money Line corners betting

Money Line corners betting market is very straightforward – it is simply a match-up of who will win the most corners within the 90 minutes of a game (or however long is left when betting in-play).