What is a “teaser’’ in NFL betting?

Most casinos and betting websites allow bettors to place what is called a “teaser’’ bet.

What a teaser does is allow the bettor to change the line by six points on a two-team teaser and by 10 points on a three-team teaser. So for an example if a bettor wants to bet the Philadelphia Eagles over the New York Giants and the point spread is Philadelphia Eagles minus 6; and the bettor wants to bet the Dallas Cowboys over the Washington Redskins and the point spread is Dallas Cowboys minus 4. He, or she, can place a teaser bet and “move’’ the line six points. So, in this example, he would get the Philadelphia Eagles as a Pick and the Dallas Cowboys plus 2.

Both teams must win for the bettor to collect and a tie, or push, in a teaser bet is a loss. What the bettor gives up in placing a teaser bet is odds. Usually on a two-team teaser the odds are -110. So the bettor needs two teams to win to earn what a animal straight bet pays. And while these bets look good and seem easy to win, they are called “teasers’’ for a reason.