What is 3-Way moneyline in hockey and NHL?

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What is 3-Way moneyline in hockey and NHL?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: February 6, 2024

Also known as a regulation time wager, the three-way moneyline is a bet for hockey traditionalists, even though it draws its roots from soccer. You can find 3-way moneylines at all the best betting apps.

Up until 2005, teams could play to a tie outcome in the NHL. The NHL’s last tie game was played April 4, 2004, when the visiting Philadelphia Flyers and the hometown New York Islanders sawed off at 3-3 at the Nassau County Coliseum.

The introduction of the shootout ensured that all games would be concluded with a winner and a loser, but the three-way moneyline ensured that your NHL wager need not be compromised by a game-determining skills competition.

Ties, or draws as they are known in Europe, are still a frequent occurrence in the sport of soccer. Sportsbooks devised a way to wager on matches and not have to refund all the stakes if the game ended in a draw by introducing the three-way moneyline on matches.

With this wager, you can place your wager on one of three options:

  • Home team win
  • Away team win
  • Tie

If the Flyers were playing the Islanders, you could bet the three-way regulation time moneyline wager at a sportsbook such as PointsBet. It might look something like this:

  • Flyers +171
  • Islanders -110
  • Tie +350

Say you like the Flyers. Play them at +171, meaning you will gain a $171 profit on a successful $100 Philly wager. Suppose you’d rather bet on the Islanders. At -110, you would require a $110 wager to gain a profit of $100 should the Isles emerge victorious.

Then there’s the option to wager that after 60 minutes of play, the score will be tied. Since that is the least likely outcome, it pays off the most handsomely, offering a moneyline of +350. Play the tie after 60 minutes on a $100 bet, and if it comes through, you will pocket a tidy $350 on top of the return of your $100 stake.

The three-way moneyline, as the title implies, offers three ways to gain a payout when you wager. And best of all, for those who despise the shootout, there’s no way a penalty-shot competition can impact the outcome of your bet.

You can utilize sportsbook promos to bet on three-way moneylines or any other NHL markets.

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