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What is hockey regulation betting?

Starting with the 2005-06 season, the NHL adopted a policy that every game must be played to a conclusion that only featured a winner and a loser. If a game remained deadlocked after a five-minute, three-on-three overtime period, the two teams would engage in a penalty shootout until there was a winner.

Even though there are no longer ties in the NHL, the sportsbooks have found a way to allow you to wager on tie games in the NHL by implementing a bet type similar to soccer’s three-way wager.

In club soccer, the tie, or the draw as it’s also known, remains very much in vogue. You can bet on a home team win, an away team win, or a draw.

What is hockey regulation betting?

Sportsbooks like FanDuel now offer what’s known as a three-way 60-minute wager on NHL games. This bet reaches its conclusion at the end of regulation time, regardless of whether the actual game requires overtime to determine a winner.

Similar to the moneyline, you’ll be offered negative or positive odds on three possible outcomes by the conclusion of the three 20-minute periods – home team win, away team win, and tie. Your bet is exclusive to regulation-time action. It’s as if overtime didn’t exist.

While you will often find better odds on the moneyline, there is more risk involved because any overtime game will be graded as a loss unless you bet on “tie”.