What Does Alternate Run Line Mean?

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What Does Alternate Run Line Mean?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: September 16, 2023

An alternate run line is a bet in baseball where the run line is adjusted from the standard 1.5 runs it is typically set at.

At most betting sites, you will see the favorite set at -1.5, meaning to cover the spread, they need to win by two or more runs. The underdog is set at +1.5, meaning if you back that side, your team would either need to win or lose by one run to win your bet.

To bet an alternate run line means moving the run line all the way out to +/- 2.5, 3.5, or even 4.5 runs. You can also flip the odds on favorites and underdogs opening up other betting opportunities for MLB games.

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Alternate Run Line Baseball Betting Strategies

Alternate run lines allow bettors to significantly alter the betting odds offered on a given game.

You can move the line in either direction, meaning you can opt for longer odds and larger payouts, or play it safe with smaller odds but a more probable outcome.

When it comes to betting on the alternate run line in baseball, there are several strategies you should consider. Here are some to keep in mind:

  • Assess Team Matchups: Look for matchups where one team has a significant advantage over the other. This could be due to injuries, rest, or starting pitcher mismatches. Because baseball betting lines are set at a fixed 1.5 identifying a potential imbalance can make a bet on an alternate run line a good play.

  • Consider Reverse Runlines: Reverse runlines are another type of alternate run line bet where the favorite gets a +1.5 head start, and the underdog becomes the -1.5 favorite. If you like the odds on an underdog this could be an intriguing way to double down and get even better odds than you might find on the moneyline.

Use Statistical Analysis: Utilize statistical analysis and historical data to assess teams' performance on the run line through the course of the season. Look at factors such as run differentials, team batting averages, pitching statistics, and home/away records. This can help you identify key trends and make more informed decisions.

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Where to Bet Alternate Run Lines

Nearly all of the best betting apps will offer alternate run line baseball betting markets.

If you are looking to bet an alternative run line, we recommend Caesars and DraftKings as the best options. Each sportsbook offers a flexible array of odds on every MLB game including a well-marked “alternate run line” tab.

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