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What are Asian lines in hockey and NHL betting?

Asian betting lines are also known as Asian handicap lines. The purpose of the Asian handicap line is to eliminate the possibility of tie outcomes. In hockey betting, you will only find them on NHL 60-minute wagers.

There are variables that can be played with an Asian handicap wager. If you opt to bet absent a handicap, the wager will only pay off if one of the two teams is winning after regulation time. If the score is tied following 60 minutes of play, all stakes are refunded to the bettors. By doing so, the odds are improved in your favor. Eliminating the draw option means that instead of a one-in-three chance of winnings, your odds of success are now 50-50.

The first handicap offer is 0.5 goals or half a goal. With this handicap, giving the underdog a half-goal lead to start, you’ve completely eliminated the possibility of a tie game. If the game is tied on the scoreboard, the home team is actually a loser because of the 0.5-goal handicap.

With a 0-1 handicap, the underdog is spotted a 1-0 lead. If you play the underdog, all they need to do is win the game, and you cash on your wager. A tie game would also be a winner for an underdog backer due to the one-goal handicap. But if you bet the favorite, they must win by two goals for your bet to also be a winner. If the favorite wins by a one-goal margin, it is considered a tie from the point of view of the underdog due to the one-goal handicap, and all wagers on the underdog would be refunded.

The Asian handicap helps to create more balance in wagering because it encourages bettors to play an underdog. While they are more common in soccer betting, you can still find them for hockey too.

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