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Beach volleyball Betting Guide: Odds, Strategy ahead of 2021 Games

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 11, 2019

Beach volleyball betting

Is there any strategy on how to bet on beach volleyball, are there any predictions and picks? Beach volleyball is a sport made for in-play betting which is becoming increasingly available in the US: lots of points scored and, at Olympic level, tight games, so total points scored bets are popular.

However, to win you must know your game. Check rankings and head-to-head statistics and, most importantly, the Olympics records of players. The pinnacle of the sport means high pressure so make sure your players have a record of handling high-pressure games.   

For beach volleyball games that look one-sided check the total points betting market to see if there’s value there: if you think one team will struggle to reach 10 points in a set and the market offers 35 (21-14 score) for a set then make sure you bet on that.

Beach Volleyball sportsbooks

Check American online sportsbooks like  betamericapointsbetfox betunibetwilliam hill, fanduel and other legal betting apps and keep an eye on what beach volleyball betting lines and promo offers they may have. For Olympic volleyball news check sites like teamusa. Live action is available on the olympicchannel and NBC.

Betting on Beach volleyball at the Olympics 2020

The emergence of beach volleyball as an Olympics sport may have raised many eyebrows, but again it will be one of the must-see events at Tokyo 2021.

It is believed to have originated at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu in the early part of the 20th century and it has been an Olympic sport since 1996.

The rules are based on the indoor game with each two-person team allowed up to three touches to return the ball over the net to their opponents. Each player is allowed one service before it passes to the opposition; the game played over three sets – first to reach 21 by two clear points wins the first two sets, and first to 15 wins a decider.

Volleyball history

The 1980s saw the volleyball became professional with players like Karch Kiraly starring; the US legend won gold at the 1996 Atalanta Games with partner Kent Steffes. The most famous pairing in the sport’s history is US’s Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor who won three golds in 2004, 2008 and 2012. At the last Olympics host nation Brazil won gold while Jennings partnered April Ross to bronze.

Jennings and new partner Brooke Sweat will chase gold at Tokyo 2021 while Ross and Alix Klineman are also looking to be one of the 24 teams to make the cut. The event will be held between July 25 and August 8 at Shiokaze Park, Tokyo Bay.