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Vigtory VP details unique offer to NJ bettors and why they’re backing the Chicago Bears

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 1, 2020

Online betting continues to grow as an emerging market in the United States, and new startup Vigtory is on course to become the latest competitive sportsbook in the industry.

I asked the company’s vice-president, Steven Astrachan, about the Vigtory’s advantages and strengths compared to more established betting apps in NJ, as well as who they are backing to win this season’s Super Bowl.

Why did you decide to target NJ first? This market has 20+ operators and the competition is huge compared to other states like Indiana or upcoming Tennessee. What attracted you?

We are excited about the opportunity to join an already competitive New Jersey market. Despite there already being a number of established players, we believe there is a great amount of innovation to come, and were excited to be leading the charge.

The approval of NJ regulators comes highly regarded, so we are excited to submit to their testing lab first.

How will Vigtory differentiate itself in this competitive environment, and what unique offers will be on the menu?

Vigtory wins in three categories: pricing, product and experience. We will have the most competitive pricing in the U.S. marketplace.

With respect to product, we will be offering a holistic, in-app betting experience thanks to our exclusive partnership with The Action Network.

Vigtory will be the only sportsbook featuring Action content and their data & analytics tools, which will enable bettors to place more informed wagers.

Vigtory will also deliver a much-needed upgrade to the user experience with the biggest value add being a top-tier VIP program that is unrivaled in the industry.

What is your marketing strategy: partnering with the media, relying on affiliates, sponsoring television/radio shows? 

Our marketing strategy is to connect with bettors where they are consuming media the most. Other sportsbooks are going after larger media entities, while we are focusing on partnering with companies who have done a great job establishing themselves as an endemic gambling publisher.

Who is your target group and what types of bonuses will be offered? What about the female audience?

Were aiming to target the more educated bettor due to our pricing structure. We own our own technology and have risk management in-house, making us that much more efficient of an operator than other sportsbooks. Price-sensitive consumers will feel more at home with Vigtory.

From a gender perspective, its less about male vs. female and more about finding the more experienced bettors in the market.   

Will you offer casino, esports, virtual sports or novelty betting?

We will be evaluating all of the offers available in the legalized states that we operate in. With respect to NJ, esports, virtual sports and novelty betting are currently illegal.

Who will win Super Bowl in your opinion, the team you would bet?

Being a Chicago-based startup, we stick with the Chicago Bears. Although the Chicago Bears may be a bit of a longshot (+4100), they are 3-0 for the first time since 2013 and have recently instituted a Superbowl MVP quarterback to lead the team.