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Vigtory NJ Promo Code

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: August 10, 2020 | Fact Checked By: Alejandro del Rio

Vigtory sportsbook (not live yet) bringing new style bet app & casino to New Jersey and later in Indiana. The sportsbook welcomes new players in NJ with an outstanding bonus offer: deposit $50 and get $150 on top of that.

Bet Vigtory Bonus Code Details

Vigtory Promo Code VIGGAMBLER
Bonus Offer deposit $50 get $150
Vigtory Sportsbook App NJ, 21+, Android, iPhone. 2020

Use Bet Vigtory promo code when Vigtory Sports is live: VIGGAMBLER. To be confirmed one the sportsbook app is live in NJ.

“VigtorySports will integrate live streaming, ticketing and other facets of the sports betting industry without cutting a big part of high roller gamblers' money”, – Forbes reported.

Betvigtory promo code

Vigtory Sportsbook Review

The founders of Vigtory ( promise that their sportsbook will be like no other in the industry. They offer lower vig to consumers for their bets by having a comprehensive in-house risk management and trading team

Vigtory was founded one year ago. The company came together to tear down what they describe as the archaic off-the-shelf way of operating a sportsbook. They list as their mandate to tackle the most strategic challenges that sportsbooks face – how to build the greatest betting experience all at the best possible price.

They vow to build and offer a reimagined product in terms of what it means to bet on sports. Vigtory intends to be the innovation leaders within the sports betting industry. They insist that they are revitalizing what it means to bet on sports. With a staff that is composed of sports marketing and gaming executives, the Vigtory team is armed to provide an experience that consistently exceeds market expectations.

Vigtory is expected to launch sports betting operations in both New Jersey and Indiana.

BetVigtory Sportsbook Promo Code

Expect that Vigtory sportsbook app will offer NJ players a 100% matched bonus and a no-deposit bonus similar to offers provided by their competitors, betting apps in New Jersey. “Deposit $50 and get $150 on top of that. 3 x 1 deposit bonus”.

Use promo code VIGGAMBLER when the site is live in NJ. 

Check in regularly with to find out when BetVigtory announces its bonus code in NJ, Indiana, Colorado, Illinois and other U.S states.

Vigtory App For Sports Bettors in NJ & Indiana

Every sports fan has dreamed of getting the chance to tell the coach of their favorite team how to set up their lineup. At BetVigtory sportsbook app in NJ and Indiana, they are following that principle in the sports betting world.

Betvigtory nj bonus code

Vigtory’s core mission is to create a state-of-the-art customer experience for all of their players. They insist that their sports betting site will be built around answering one founding question – if, working together with bettors, they could build the ideal sportsbook, what would it look like? What would the experience be about? 

They are seeking to create a customer experience that will go above and beyond what is currently out there, both within their app and outside of it. It’s with that founding principal BetVigtory set off on its path. 

Their platform intends to allow users to experience sports betting in a way they never have before. By leading on pricing and offering robust prop betting markets, building a never-before-seen backtesting engine, integrating actionable content into the app alongside a state-of-the-art customer experience, they believe that they will have built a book designed for the bettor.

The Bet Vigtory sports betting app for NJ and Indiana and mobile app are being structured by sports bettors, and they intend to utilize the latest technology to solve the complaints most often heard from sports betting players. Those would include concerns caused by app difficulty when in use, the betting limitations placed upon mobile sites, and the lack of customer service that a variety of other books suffer from and are most often criticized for within sports betting chat rooms. All of these issues are actively being tackled by Bet Vigtory. 

A Vig-Less Pursuit

Another apparent plus with Vigtory’s site will be the complete and utter lack of a vig. The vigorish, or vig or juice, as it’s most commonly referred to, is the fee charged by a bookmaker for accepting a gambler's wager.

Vigtory sportsbook promo code

At Vigtory, there will be no vig. Bets will be a 50/50 proposition. No house edge will be given. The potential is there that Vigtory will therefore offer odds on wagers at a better percentage rate than traditional sportsbooks. This in itself should be enough to create a clientele for their operation and help convince players to convert to their site at a relatively good rate. 

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