Tails never fails? At Super Bowl LV, the coin flip is the most wagered prop bet

In the literal sense, most Super Bowl 55 prop bets based on stats are 50/50 options.

They either hit, or they don’t.

No matter if it is Tom Brady’s passing yardage total, the amount of catches for Rob Gronkowksi, or Patrick Mahomes rushing total, the number either comes out as an over or an under, and you either win or lose.

But factors in the game can make those bets have much less, or much more, of a 50 percent chance of happening.

A team could be up big and stop passing, or someone could get injured (a nightmare scenario that has happened to all bettors if you have played long enough.)

There is, however, one bet that truly is a 50/50 chance, and it happens before the contest.

The coin flip.

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It is the most wagered on prop bet for most NJ sportsbooks, because there is no skill involved: just pick a side, and hope for the best.

Now, the saying goes, “Tails never fails.” I used that all the time when I was coaching, and tried to make my players take tails as often as possible. Every so often, I would have a hunch, and take heads.

But not very much.

The odds are -110 for each side, so a $55 bet could see you up before the ball is even kicked off to start the contest.

In the 54 prior Super Bowls, tails has the lead 29-25, which is 53.7 percent of the time. How about that?

I am going tails, because while is sometimes does fail, it is my go-to wager.


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