New Mexico horse racing betting sites & racetracks

New Mexico law has not yet addressed advance deposit horse racing wagering, which enables telephone and online betting sites, though the Legislature was considering a measure in 2019 that would direct the state Racing Commission to establish rules for the road. So, in the absence of such regulations, many major ADW online horse racing betting sites have decided not to offer services to New Mexico residents, through AmWager.
Indiana horse racing betting tracks and sites

Indiana horse racing betting sites & tracks

Advance deposit horse racing wagering via phone and online (via betting sites) is legal in Indiana and available from most major gambling operators, including such online horse racing betting racebooks as; AmWager.
Florida horse racing betting sites and tracks

Florida horse racing betting sites & tracks

Unlike some other major racing states like California and Kentucky, Florida does not regulate ADW horse racing betting sites in 2020. However, as a state where pari-mutuel betting is legal, numerous ADW outfits cater to Floridians, including legal horse racing betting sites below.

Connecticut horse racing betting sites

State law in Connecticut in 2020 does offer residents the ability to play the ponies online, however, and numerous licensed providers offer wagering on a wide array of races, including regulated sites such as; BetAmerica.

Horse racing betting sites in Colorado

Colorado’s gambling laws allow wagering on horse and dog racing and certain cities have full-fledged casinos in certain cities. Charitable games, social gambling, bingo, and raffles are also permitted.

California horse racing betting Websites

Online wagering is currently offered to California residents by seven licensed websites in 2020, that also have bonus offers, promotions and rewards. Here is a list of all California’s betting apps.