New York horse racing betting sites

Horse Racing Betting sites & Tracks in New York

Advance deposit wagering, which enables NY residents to bet on horse races online or via the telephone, is legal under New York law, and most major ADW racing sites offer the service to New York. Check the New York Gaming Commission website for a current list.

New Mexico horse racing betting sites & racetracks

New Mexico law has not yet addressed advance deposit horse racing wagering, which enables telephone and online betting sites, though the Legislature was considering a measure in 2019 that would direct the state Racing Commission to establish rules for the road. So, in the absence of such regulations, many major ADW online horse racing betting sites have decided not to offer services to New Mexico residents, through AmWager.
Northville Downs Michigan by Robert Lowthian

Michigan horse racing betting sites & racetracks

Michigan law does not currently allow Michiganders to conduct advance deposit wagering, though legislation to authorize the sites that allows residents to wager on horse racing via the phone or internet was introduced in the state Senate in 2019.  In the meantime, some licensed ADW sites are willing to accept bets from Michigan residents, including BetAmerica.
Indiana horse racing betting tracks and sites

Indiana horse racing betting sites & tracks

Advance deposit horse racing wagering via phone and online (via betting sites) is legal in Indiana and available from most major gambling operators, including such online horse racing betting racebooks as; AmWager.