Super Bowl Props: Betting on the National Anthem

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Super Bowl Props: Betting on the National Anthem

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: January 20, 2023

Traditionally, the Super Bowl has allowed bettors the opportunity to place wagers on props on and off the field – and Super Bowl LVII isn’t set to be an exception. One of the recurring off-field betting subjects is the national anthem, performed before every Super Bowl by an artist revealed a couple of weeks before the big event.

Who’s Singing at Super Bowl 57?

Among the more surface-level prop bets is wagering on who that artist is – Mickey Guyton had the honor for Super Bowl LVI, while artists such as Demi Lovato, Pink, Luke Bryant, Lady Gaga, and Idina Menzel have been tagged within the past decade. The artist who will sing ahead of Super Bowl LVII is Chris Stapleton.

Super Bowl Anthem Prop Betting

Past the artist, it isn’t uncommon to find other, more niche props related to the anthem. Some popular bets include:

  • The color of the artist’s outfit
  • The player or coach first shown on camera after the anthem begins
  • Whether the artist makes a mistake (skipping or saying an incorrect word)
  • The duration of time the artist holds the word “brave”

The anthem also lends itself to other props, such as whether the game includes a scoring drive that takes less time to complete than the anthem

Can I Bet on the Length of the Anthem?

While betting the over/under on the length of the national anthem is often brought up as a popular Super Bowl prop, the subjectivity surrounding the exact length means you are unlikely to find odds at any regulated online sportsbook. Still, it's something that could make for a fun side bet or included in a betting pool at a Super Bowl LVII party.

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The target time for the over/under is usually released shortly after the performing artist is announced, but the odds can change before kickoff due to multiple variables.

In 2021, the time for the anthem during rehearsal – performed by Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church – was revealed ahead of the event by a local reporter. The time ended up matching exactly with the length of the anthem before the game.

Past National Anthem Lengths

The anthem has lasted an average of 115.4 seconds (or one minute and 55 seconds) over the games dating back to Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. Billy Joel’s rendition in 2007 ranks among the shortest at a minute and thirty seconds, while Alicia Keys’ 2013 rendition clocked in at two minutes and 36 seconds.

Here is the complete list over the last ten years:

Super BowlArtistTime
56 Mickey Guyton 1:52
55 Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church  2:16
54 Demi Lovato 1:49
53 Gladys Knight 1:49
52 Pink 1:53
51 Luke Bryant 2:04
50 Lady Gaga 2:09
49 Idina Menzel 2:04
48 Renee Fleming 1:54
47 Alicia Keys 2:35

Other Super Bowl Props

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