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Top 10 Super Bowl MVP Odds & How They Win

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: February 7, 2022

The most coveted award, other than winning that Lombardi Trophy, is the Most Valuable Player. The list of former Super Bowl MVPs is full of Hall of Famers, led by Tom Brady, who was won it five times.

So, who determines the Super Bowl MVP? Eighty percent of the vote is made by 16 members of the National Football Writers of America. Since 2001, fans are also involved. The remaining 20% of the vote is made by fans, who can vote online.

Super bowl mvp odds
Super Bowl MVP Odds

Here, we will take a look at the MVP odds for Super Bowl LVI. These odds are via Caesars Sportsbook.

1.    Stafford +20

Matthew Stafford has the best odds to win MVP, and this is no surprise. Quarterbacks have been most likely to win the award, and the Rams are favored to win the game.

If he throws for over 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns, it will be hard to give it to anyone else. However, he does have a couple of favorite options, including Cooper Kupp. If one receiver excels and the Rams win, it could go to them.

2.    Burrow +220

Joe Burrow has been the highlight of the NFL for the past couple of weeks. The swaggy jackets and cigars would go great with a Super Bowl MVP.

It’s been reported that this is the hottest MVP bet, even though Stafford is the favorite. I feel like the Rams could win and the award go to another player other than QB. But I don’t see many scenarios where the Bengals win and the MVP does not go to Burrow.

3.     Kupp +700

I think betting on Cooper Kupp to win MVP at +600 has great value. Just last game he had over 100 yards and two touchdowns. If he does that again, you have to think that he has a great chance.

If the Rams win, there’s no doubt that Kupp will have had a great game. It will just come down to how big of a role other WR’s for the Rams played.

4.    Chase +1200

If an offensive player other than Burrow takes home the award, it will likely be Ja’Marr Chase. It looks as if he and Burrow will have a great career together if they can stay on the same team.

At +1200, it’s not a bad bet, but he has to have over 100 yards and at least one score, if not two.

5.    Beckham Jr. +1600

At first, this bet seemed like a great one to make. But Odell Beckham Jr.’s odds have continued to rise. Wouldn’t that be a trip? After all the drama, for him to win the Super Bowl MVP?

It’s not that far-fetched. He has the talent to do so, and Kupp is going to be getting a lot of the attention. If he ends up having a fantastic game, we will be seeing plenty of unique dances and celebrations.

6.    Donald +2500

Aaron Donald may be the best player in the Super Bowl, but the Rams defense will have to dominate for a member of their defense to get MVP.

If you look at the Bengals and Titans game, Burrow spent much of the time on his back. He was sacked nine times. If their offensive line plays like that again, I can Donald having a big impact in the game.

7.    Mixon +2500

Offensively, I think the big game is going to come down to passing. Joe Mixon will need several huge runs in order to get close to being considered for the MVP award.

If you look at every other playoff game, Mixon hasn’t really come close to being the MVP. Last time out, he had 88 yards against KC, but didn’t get in the end zone.

8.    Akers +3000

Cam Akers hasn’t been back from injury too long. With the eight-best odds, I just don’t see him having a good enough game to win MVP.

However, if the Bengals focus on the passing threat of the Rams’ offense, the running game could end up playing a big part. Several touchdowns won’t be good enough, especially if they are just from inside the two-yard line. He will have to have a bunch of carries and rack up some yards.

9.    Higgins +4000

Just like Beckham Jr. is helped by the attention to Kupp, Tee Higgins receives an advantage because of the eyes on Chase. Higgins was the leading receiver in their last game against the Chiefs, having 103 yards.

This is another scenario that is very unlikely. If the Bengals have a good game on offense, people are going to want to see Burrow get the award.

10. Miller +4000

Von Miller is the only guy on the list that has already won a Super Bowl MVP, doing so with the Denver Broncos.

Like I said before, the Bengals have struggled to keep Burrow protected. But I still think it’s more possible that Donald will win MVP if the Rams defense has a great game.