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Here is a quick Rugby betting guide: strategies & bet types

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: October 23, 2020

Rugby is one of the most popular sports on the planet. It also has a very wide and active gambling scene. There are millions of rugby fans across the globe, it is highly popular in Europe, Asia and Australasia. Betting on rugby is now starting to grow in the USA as well. 

Although rugby is a global sport and is highly popular, not many people are aware of the finer points and tricks to be successful in the world of rugby betting.

Rugby betting types

Betting on rugby is decades old but still feels relatively new especially in the US. So, it is important to have an idea of the types of bet you can place and some of the key information. 

Match betting

The first type I would like to discuss is ‘match betting’. This is the most sought-after type of bet in the rugby world. It is simply betting on the outcome of a match.

In rugby the games are very high scoring and it can be difficult to predict a winner, a few teams to look out for in the International tournaments are: England, New Zealand and Argentina, these three nations are very highly regarded and will often make for a safe bet. As for draws, they are very uncommon in rugby.

Some American sportsbooks will offer rugby odds for draws; due to them being very rare, the odds will be quite high. For example, bet365 NJ are offering +6600 for a draw in the Rugby Union game between Italy and Ireland. 


Handicap betting is another popular type of rugby betting. As the term suggests, in handicap betting, one of the team gets an advantage or disadvantage.

However, the advantage/disadvantage is hypothetical. The points are either given to them in advance or taken away from a few teams.

As a bettor, you should know the strengths of a certain team when you choose to go in for handicap betting. Argentina is a strong rugby team, while India is a weak team. Ask any betting site, and they will say that Argentina is 20-point favorites to win any match. Therefore, if you put your money on India and choose a 20-point handicap, you start with an extra 20 points. Should India win or lose the game with anything less than 20 points, you will be winning the bet.

On the other hand, if Argentina wins with 20 points or more, you will end up losing your bet. It is a more confusing way of betting and is mainly aimed at people who know more about the sport prior.

Outright, or futures bets in Rugby

Following on from this, I have a simpler type of bet to discuss. Any experienced bettors will know about this type: outright, or futures, betting.

This is betting on the outright winner of a particular competition or tournament.  You can get substantial pay-outs for correct picks. Especially in the majors, such as the Rugby World Cup and the Six Nations.

When betting on the winner of the Rugby League, you need to be prepared for ups and downs during the season. Your decision to bet on a particular rugby team during the start of the US league is important. You need to make a smart decision based on their previous records, statistics, and other useful information. 

Over/under & prop betting

A final type of bet in rugby I would like to mention is ‘over/under betting’, which is where you have a base threshold and can decide to go under or over. This is prominent in other sports such as football, basketball, baseball,l and tennis, particularly with props. You will occasionally find some decent over and under odds on certain sites, but they are not as big as the other types in rugby. 

It is hugely important that you are well informed and equipped to be betting on rugby. If you are careless, like in any sports betting, it can be quite unforgiving. That is why it is imperative to research before placing every bet. Only bet what you can afford to lose, when the fun stops, stop.