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NFL Gamblers Turn to Madden 20 Simulation Games as ‘Big Business’ Building

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: April 21, 2020

Esports continue to rise as a convenient betting alternative for gamblers in the United States, with simulated Madden 20 matchups attracting “big business” in the market.

Matches are played on the video game between predetermined rosters and without any human input, with a variety of variables and fixture conditions selected before the virtual kick-off takes places.

United States bookmakers are accepting wagers on the simulated matchups, which are broadcast live via the community streaming service, Twitch.

Most major sports have been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the NBA, MLB and NHL among the examples to be halted in north America for the time being. The 2020 NFL season isn’t scheduled to kick off until September 10, but this year’s NFL Draft won’t be the public event it usually is, and the campaign could still be delayed as a result.

TMZ spoke to a representative from BetOnline, who opened up about the level of interest being drawn by the simulated games: “We are getting as much action on them as an average non-nationally televised MLB game, believe it or not. Action keeps getting better daily.”

Another spokesperson for the company suggested the virtual trend could remain even when real-life sports are back in operation: “I strongly believe simulated betting is here to stay, even once the big sports return.”

Punters can bet on the customary point spread for each match, as well as first quarter and first-half results.