Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers: Analysis, Tips, and Predictions

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Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers: Analysis, Tips, and Predictions

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: May 8, 2023

The United States Football League (USFL) came into action in 2022 as a spring football league. Since then, the USFL has provided fans and bettors with a new alternative to sports betting. As a result, USFL betting has become quite popular among traditional NFL bettors looking to catch some off-season action.

In one of the most exciting USFL games today, the Memphis Showboats take on the Michigan Panthers. This Memphis vs Michigan matchup promises to be one of the most interesting on the USFL schedule. 

Head-to-Head: Memphis at Michigan

The Memphis vs Michigan head-to-head analysis shows two teams headed in different directions. Memphis is currently 0-3, sitting in fourth place in the South. They'll be looking for their first win of the season while Michigan is 2-1, second in the North.

The numbers show an edge for Michigan in this USFL contest. Michigan currently averages 22 points per game, while Memphis averages 17. However, Memphis has shown a better passing game, averaging 204.7 yards, while Michigan has averaged 186.7. The big difference lies in the ground attack. Michigan has rushed for 116 yards on the ground, while Memphis has only rushed for 60 yards per game.

Defensively, the Memphis vs Michigan analysis shows a clear difference. Memphis has given up 235.3 passing yards and 132.3 rushing yards per game. In contrast, Michigan has given up 177.3 yards by air and 113.7 on the ground. Both teams will need their defenses to step up to capture the win in this matchup on the USFL schedule.

How to Bet on Memphis at Michigan

Visit your favorite sportsbook to find USFL betting lines and bet types to choose from. Then, place your wagers according to your preferences.

When figuring out how to bet on USFL, the first place to start is looking at the Memphis vs Michigan odds. The sportsbook of your choice should reveal the current USFL betting odds for this matchup.

There are three main types of bets you will find:

  • – The moneyline bet refers to picking the winner. In this case, the moneyline bet would be either Memphis or Michigan taking the win.
  • The spread bet refers to the difference in points for the winning or losing team. For example, a +2.5 bet means that you anticipate that three or more points will beat the losing team. If that's the case, you win the bet. You lose the bet if the team loses by one or two points.
  • – The over/under bet focuses on the total number of points in the game. This bet doesn't focus on who wins, but on the combined score. 

You will also find prop bets. These bet types depend on specific team and player outcomes. For example, popular prop bets include total team passing and rushing yards. Other common prop bets are passing yards for a quarterback or rushing yards for a running back. 

Memphis at Michigan Odds

Here are the Memphis vs Michigan odds and betting lines:

  • – Moneyline: Michigan (-250), Memphis (+200)
  • – Spread: Michigan -6.5 (-105), Memphis +6.5 (-117)
  • – Total points: O43.5 (-110), U43.5 (-110)

Betting Tips for Memphis at Michigan

The following betting tips will help you get the master how to bet on USFL in no time:

  • Know the teams. Having a good knowledge of the teams you are betting on is important. Research their form, players, style of play, and recent results.
  • Follow the odds. Keep an eye on the odds offered by bookmakers. Odds can change according to various factors. So, following odds can help you spot great picks on the USFL schedule.
  • Consider the weather. Weather conditions can significantly impact the outcome of USFL games today. For example, heavy rain may favor teams that play a more direct style of football.
  • Watch out for injuries. Injuries can greatly impact a team's performance, so make sure you are aware of any injuries to key players.

Remember that mastering USFL betting requires attention to detail. So, be sure to read up as much as you can on games on the USFL schedule to place informed wagers.

American Gambler Staff