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How to win money betting on boxing? Best strategy

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

While there is no crystal ball for how to win money betting on boxing/UFC and MMA games here are a few tips that can give you the best possible chance to beat the US bookies and avoid losing your bets online.

Seek out underdogs that are “live”

Live underdogs come in many shapes in forms but in a few circumstances, they must be looked at very carefully. When a young and hungry contender meets an aging champion that has seen better days it is always best to take a long look at the young lion. Another instance when it is advantageous to bet on the underdog is when the underdog is the much larger fighter. A good big fighter will almost always beat a good smaller fighter.

Bet mostly on moneylines

Betting on which a fighter to beat another fighter straight up will always be the best method to win money betting on boxing. On big fights, a wide array of proposition bets are made available by the sportsbooks such as the over/under, round betting and fight outcome lines. In a sport as unpredictable as boxing, it is always dicey to predict the exact outcome of any given match.

Avoid moneylines when the price is too rich

When a moneyline is offered at an extraordinarily high price like -500 or higher it is often best to look at the fight outcome props. As aforementioned these bets are dicey by nature because of boxing’s unpredictability but occasionally it is better to take a big favorite to win by knockout than to bet the favorite to win a fight straight up.