How to bet on the Super Bowl in West Virginia

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How to bet on the Super Bowl in West Virginia

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: February 1, 2023

Online sports betting has been legal in West Virginia since December 2018, making the state one of the first, leading the way for future expansion across the US. It also means residents in West Virginia can legally bet on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVII figures to be the single most bet-on event of the year, presenting an excellent opportunity for sports bettors in Mountain State to win big.

Here is a closer look at Super Bowl betting in West Virginia.

West Virginia Super Bowl Betting Apps

Super Bowl LVII Odds

Super Bowl Betting in West Virginia

Betting on the big game in West Virginia provides customers with a lot of options to consider

The most common NFL bets are:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Totals

Bettors will also have access to plenty of prop bets on the game, including individual player props and game-specific props.

Super Bowl Game Lines

The moneyline is the simplest bet. Odds are set based on a team’s perceived likelihood of winning the game. You bet on who you think will win, with less favorable payouts for favorites and more favorable for underdogs.

Point spreads identify the most likely margin of victory for the favored team. For example, if the Carolina Panthers are expected to beat the Atlanta Falcons by more than a field goal, the spread would look like this:

  • Carolina Panthers (-3.5)
  • Atlanta Falcons (+3.5)

In this example, your bet would payout if the Panthers won by four or more points and lose if they lost the game outright or failed to win by more than three points.

Point totals are only concerned with the total points scored between the two sides. Bettors can bet the over if they believe the teams will score more than the set total or the under if they believe the teams won't reach the total.

The line might look something like this:

  • Over 49.5
  • Under 49.5

Game/Player Props

Prop bets are side wagers about events you think will occur during a game. They usually don't correlate to the overall outcome. You can make a prop bet for individual players or specific game events.

Player props might include:

  • Patrick Mahomes over 200 passing yards
  • Travis Kelce over 70.5 receiving yards

Game props might include:

  • Eagles to score first
  • Chiefs to record over 1.5 sacks

Super Bowl Novelty Props

The Super Bowl is unlike any other sporting event due to the sheer volume of props. Many have little to do with the game itself but rather the spectacle that surrounds it. Examples include:

  • The Coin toss (heads or tails)
  • Which celebrity will be shown in the crowd
  • Weill the MVP thank God in their speech

How to Bet on the Super Bowl in West Virginia?

The process for betting on the Super Bowl in WV is straightforward:

  • Download a sports betting app 
  • Register for a new account
  • Make your first deposit
  • Claim your welcome bonus

When signing up at a new online sportsbook to bet on the Super Bowl, you will need to verify your identity and location to ensure eligibility.

The Best Super Bowl Bonus for West Virginia

How to bet on the super bowl in west virginia