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How to Bet On Both Teams to Score at Least 2 Goals (3 Goals) in NHL?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Another goal-related wagering option that is available on the best betting apps for NHL games is both teams to score a certain number of goals. For instance, Caesars Sportsbook offers both teams to score two goals wager that excludes the overtime period.

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The play is a straight up yes or not call on your part. At FanDuel, the offer is a simple both teams to score a goal wager.
Both teams to score bet is a simple, straightforward wager that often offers you an easy way to cash a winning ticket, albeit for a small profit margin, but hey, a win is a win regardless.

There is no need to pick a winner of the game and sit through three hours of hockey sweating out whether you are going to be cashing a ticket at the end of the night. With this wager, who wins the game has zero bearings on whether or not you will also be a winner.

The other subtle beauty to both teams to score wager is that you are not out of the hunt until the final buzzer sounds and the game is over. Let’s say that the New Jersey Devils are playing the Nashville Predators. It’s the third period and the Predators are up 5-1 on the Devils.
Had you wagered on the Devils to win via a moneyline bet, you’d already know that barring a miracle, you were riding a loser to the finish line. However, if you’d bet both teams to score two goals, all you need to put a smile on your face is for the Devils to knock one more puck into the Nashville net over the final 20 minutes of play.

Since winning or losing is irrelevant to the outcome of your wager, the numbers you will want to research are the goals for and goals against column. Look for a game featuring two teams that frequently light the lamp. And just for good measure, check the recent form charts, to ensure that they’ve both been potting goals on a regular basis of late.