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How do you determine if an NBA basketball game has been “steamed”?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

A term that is often thrown around in sports betting lexicon is the word “steam.”

“Steam” is the term for a noticeable betting event that has caused a betting line to move at nearly every sportsbook simultaneously.

This occurs when a sportsbook moves a line and all the other sportsbooks follow. This can occur when a sharp bettor places one or more bets at one or several sportsbooks, causing bookmakers to move a line.

Other sportsbooks may follow even without taking a bet at the same line, which is called “moving on air.”

Sportsbooks move the line to avoid, steam chasers that can detect steam moves in the sports betting markets by using companies that provide real-time odds services in conjunction with many sports betting apps, like bet365, both in the U.S. and offshore.

These companies offer the real-time odds service for a fee. When the companies real-time odds betting product detects a market-impacting move, they can send out alerts to savvy sports market trackers, who may follow these sharp moves.

The term “steam-chasing” is the act of blindly betting these reported market moves and can often be a recipe for disaster and steam chasers will often be laying one or several more points, or taking fewer points than the originator (bettor or syndicate that made the bet).