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How do I assess NBA team performance accurately?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

To assess the current performance level of an NBA team, factors that should be considered include win-loss record. Also, at home and on the road (straight-up and against the spread), recent form, offensive and defensive efficiency, the strength of schedule of games played to-date, current player injury status, and performance in certain situations (such as favorite or underdog at home or on the road).

Many NBA gamblers will use power rankings to assist in keeping track of current team performance levels. Power ratings can be personally made or gamblers may use other handicappers’ ratings or projections in keeping abreast of current team performance levels.

If used, power ratings should be updated frequently.

Many casual gamblers will assess team performance using the eye-test.

Most American gamblers will rely on their own personal assessment of teams by watching games and highlights. Many fans believe their knowledge and assessment of the NBA is superior to that of the oddsmakers.

By most accounts, this is the least accurate way to assess the true performance of an NBA team. However, the more knowledgable the gambler is with the intricacies of the professional game, the more effective the eye-test method can be.

Less experienced basketball experts, such as those who haven’t played or coached at a reasonably high-level, should rely more heavily on metrics and analytics for gauging overall team performance.