Five Super Bowl Player Props To Consider

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Five Super Bowl Player Props To Consider

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: February 22, 2023

The Super Bowl is a bettor's paradise, with odds extending well beyond traditional pregame spreads, moneylines, and point totals.

Prop betting is a fundamental part of the Super Bowl viewing experience. With fantasy football soaring in popularity, one increasingly popular method for wagering on the action is player props. These are bets correlated to individual performance and stats.

With Super Bowl LVII fast approaching, the time has come to size up five of the best Super Bowl player props.

1. Quarterback Passing Yards

When you browse through the list of player props on your online sportsbook of choice, one of the first player props you will see is quarterback passing yards.

Before the start of the game, each quarterback is given a passing yardage total they are expected to achieve during the game. This becomes the betting line. Bettors have two choices. They can bet “the over” meaning they think the quarterback will throw for more yards than the line, or they can bet “the under” meaning they think the quarterback will throw for fewer yards.

Some statistics to keep in mind when placing this Super Bowl player prop bet:

  • The Quarterbacks passing yardage average this season
  • The QB's passing yardage trends during the playoffs
  • Average yards allowed by the opposing defense
  • Any key injuries to wide receivers or in the secondary

2. Quarterback Passing Touchdowns

As the most critical position on the field, quarterback play is heavily featured in Super Bowl player props. Another QB player prop to consider for the Super Bowl is over/unders on passing touchdowns.

Similar to yardage, this bet involves a fixed line on total touchdowns the quarterback will throw for during the game, with bets coming in on the over or the under.

Stats to keep in mind:

  • Quarterback average pass TD's this season
  • Any significant pass TD trends of late
  • Reliable red zone targets
  • A team's red zone tendencies (pass/run frequency)

3. Rushing Yardage Totals

Another prominent Super Bowl player prop is rushing yardage over/unders.

This is a prop for running backs with a fixed line on the total number of yards they will achieve on the ground.

It's a popular prop bet because you can lean heavily on trends to inform your betting decision. Some stats to watch for include the following:

  • Average rushing yards this season
  • Rushing trends in recent weeks
  • How the opposing defense does against the run (season long and postseason trends)

4. First Touchdown Scorer

If you are looking to turn a small wager into a big haul, first TD bets are the way to go. As the name suggests to cash this bet you need to correctly select the player you believe will score the game's first touchdown.

This bet is strictly for rushing, receiving, defense, and special teams. It does not account for passing. A quarterback can still score the first TD by rushing it in or catching a pass (Philly special).

This bet tends to be a little flukier than others on this list, but there are still strategies you can consider including

  • Any significant scoring trends in recent weeks
  • Red zone targets (for receivers)
  • Red zone tendencies (runs/pass frequency)
  • Scoring trends (which teams tend to score in the 1st quarter)

5. Anytime TD

If you like the sound of touchdown props but want to go with a slightly less risky option, consider bets on anytime TD.

With this bet, your player just needs to score a touchdown at any point during the game. Similar to the first TD prop, it applies to rushing, receiving, and D/ST.

You won't find as good odds, but you can trust more trends, such as

  • Total Touchdowns during the season
  • Significant TD trends during the postseason
  • Matchup analysis
  • Redzone trends

Super Bowl Betting Apps

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