Early Payout Bonus Offers for NCAA & NFL Betting

American sports books offer an early payout bonus, which means the book will pay off your bet as a winner if one team gets a certain amount of points ahead.

What is an early payout bonus offered by a sports book?

We have all been in the following situation as a bettor.

You have backed the Philadelphia Eagles to win the game, and they jump out to a 21-3 lead in the first half, only to see the Denver Broncos roar back in the second half and pull off a miraculous 27-24 victory.

Or maybe you took Rutgers against Michigan, and the Scarlet Knights came to play, pummeling the Wolverines to take a 17-0 lead in the first quarter. But Rutgers is still Rutgers, so the Scarlet Knights implode in the second half, and lose in triple overtime 48-42.

How mad would you be?

Well with bet365’s Early Payout offers on both the NFL and NCAA Football, those two scenarios would not happen to you, because you would have been paid long before your backed team tanked.

This promotion is fantastic for a couple reasons. First, it protects you from a late game collapse. But maybe more importantly, the wager amount and the winnings are back in your account much earlier than if you have to wait until the end of the game, and you can find other winners to place.

So how does early payout bonus work?

In the bet365 NJ app, you go to either the NFL or NCAAF tab, and place a pregame money line single bet, or put a team in a pregame money line parlay. If the team you backed takes a 17-point lead at any point in the contest, bet365 will grade your single bet a winner and pay off the bet within 15 minutes (in most cases). If one of your teams in a parlay takes a 17-point or more lead, that leg of the parlay will be graded a winner.

What if the other team comes back to win? It does not matter; bet365 USA already graded it a win, so you can put your feet up and enjoy the game with your winnings already in your account.

For NCAA College Football, and even now in the NFL, the game has switched to high-powered offensive attacks, led by quarterbacks throwing the ball for huge yardage. And of course, you don’t have to go back very far to see an high profile example of a team blowing a big lead in the second half. Remember the Atlanta New England Super Bowl LI, with the Falcons leading 28-3 only to lose in overtime?

In the NCAA ranks, the wild point swings are even more pronounced, because the quality of players on most teams is well below the NFL standard. Just last season, UCLA turned a 49-17 deficit into a 67-63 victory. Trust me, this offer is well worth it for the college games alone: you can get your winnings, and not have to sweat out a late, last minute comeback attempt.

Terms and conditions to follow

There are some conditions to the early payout betting offers on both the NCAAF and NFL. As stated above, it is only for pregame money line straight or parlay wagers; it is not on the point spread lines. For parlays, if you did a full cash out, the offer is not valid. However, if you did a partial cash out, the bet is settled on the remaining risk amount. If a qualifying bet is edited using our Edit Bet feature prior to the start of the game, and your team gains a 17 point advantage, the bet will be settled on the new risk. Where a bet has been edited to include or amend a selection for an event that is In-Play, the offer will no longer apply.

On most winning offers, the amount will be credited into your account within 15 minutes of a team taking a 17+ point lead. And of course, once a bet is paid out, it is counted as a win; you will not get another win if the team holds on to win the game.

For the NFL bets, the promotion runs all the way through Super Bowl LV in February; the NCAA Football offer runs through all games up to Thursday, December 31, 2020.

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